Republic of Ruskajista

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Republic of Ruskajista
Coat of arms
Motto: Workers of the World, Unite!
LocationThuringia, Germany
Largest cityGispеrslеbеn
Other languagesDeutsch (German), Englisch (Englisch)
Ethnic groups
German, Thuringian, Ruskish
No official religions
• President of the Glory Union
Alexander Mai
• Vice-president
Republics Red Congress
Republics Peoples Congress
Independent (Reconized by other Micronations)
• 2022 census
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Total
50 Cent
CurrencyBlahaj Dollar
Time zoneUTC+1
Internet TLD.rkj

The Republic of Ruskajista, simply known as Ruskajista SSR is a self-declared sovereign state, more commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers. Completely landlocked within Germany, The capital city is Gispersleben and the largest city is it too. The Republic of Ruskajista was founded on 11 February 2022.



The Republic of Ruskajista was founded on 11 February 2022. On this day, president Alexander declared independence from surrounding Germany. The Soviet flag was waved over the "Platz des Volkes" (in the south of the nation), and the national anthem of Ruskajista was played for the first time.

The first few weeks

The first few weeks were rough because nobody know a thing about Ruskajista and there were no information of it even existing in the first place (excluding a really poorly made MicroWiki page) but it still got in contact with a few micronations.

The „Almendrian“ Age

In the middle of May Ruskish President Alexander (also more commonly known as Alex) got a message from a person name „Tizian Aruna“. The message read:“Hey wanna be allies“. ALex then responded with yes because this could be the chance of finally getting any reconition, so they then made a treaty wich made Ruskajista an AR of the then known Apradnia. Ruskajista always supported the descicions that Tizian made, so people disliked Ruskajista more and more. Ruskajista has nothing to do with the USR or Almendria now

The first Golden Age

After a few months had past (Summer 2022), Ruskajista finally left Almendria and was Independent again, it made more allies and got more involved in Micronation politics, it also finally wrote a declaration of Independence and a constitution. Ruskajista was a inspiring beautiful Utopia at that time!

The Almendria War

On the 18th of August Almendrian facists under Kazzis regime overthrew the goverment. Thanks to Tizian Ruskajista could defend itself against the Invaders and could protect its citizen.


In this period Ruskajista took part in the eight Eponian-Pochehovan War, but later Ruskajista made peace

Dark Age

Ruskajistas Dark Age was during early march 2023, because the Discord Account of the President got banned he lost all his contact to his allies, and Ruskajista was at 0 again, till now 90% of his allies still havent found him, wich made him sad and not do anything with Ruskajista for a long time.

The second Golden Age

The second Golden Age begun in Summer 2023 with an email Ruskajista got from a nation named Edristan, this email inspired him to make his country like Edristan and he worked and worked, and hes still working to make Ruskajista better



Ruskajista is located in Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, central Germany. Ruskajista has a humid continental climate (Dfb) or an oceanic climate (Cfb) according to the Köppen climate classification system.[1] [2] Summers are warm and sometimes humid with average high temperatures of 23 °C (73 °F) and lows of 12 °C (54 °F). Winters are relatively cold with average high temperatures of 2 °C (36 °F) and lows of −3 °C (27 °F).


Law and Order

Citizens are able to do whatever they want, but they can't go against the rules. The police force is nonexistent. The citizens follow The Constitution and Law of The Union of Ruskajista

Foreign relations

Ruskajista has a military pact with Tiefthal (non-registered micronation), and a non-aggression pact with the Estonian Socialist Republic. The first war began on 18 August 2022. Ruskajista is also a member of the Pan European Progressive Alliance.


NSHP: The NSHP (National Sozialistische Heimatpartei/National Socialist Home party) is the most right-wing party in Ruskajista. It started a Civil War with Ruskajista and was also involved in war with the Almendrian facists.

Bürgerpartei (Citizen`s Party): The Bürgerpartei is a Conservativ Christian Party that believes in gods values and Rejects modern „ideas“ like LGBTQIA+ and Taxes. Its truly a more traditionalist party.

Wirtschaftspartei (Economic Party): The Wirtschaftspartei is a Liberal Right-Wing Party that focuses on economy and Trading, it´s against taxes, and for LGBTQIA+ Rights, its for a more digital Lifestyle.

Bündnis Sozial (social alliance): Bündnis Sozial is a Social Democratic party, simillar to Labour Partys, its for better working conditions and for taxing the rich,it is also for a free market.

Die Grünen (The Greens):The Greens are an Party that stands for equality and ecology, it is a very young party and very popular amongst the youth.

RDSP (Ruskish Democratic Socialist Party): The RDSP is the Ruling party in Ruskajista and is a Radical Left Party, it stands for a socialist state and the rulership of the People, it believes in values of Socialism and stands for Equality. It guided Ruskajista to it´s glory!

MLPR (Marxist-Leninist Party of Ruskajista): The MLPR is a Authoritarian Left Party that believes in Leninism and the values of the USSR, its the most Left-Wing Party in the parlament.


The Heer is called Communal Peoples Army The Navy is called Navy of the People The Airforce is called Airforce of the People. Ruskajista was only involved in two wars yet. The first war begun on the 18.8.2022 when spies got into Ruskajista and secretly overthrew the goverment, and established the "Duchy of Ruskajista" The new "Emperor" of Ruskajista banned everyone from the nation, and ruled with tyranny over the Ruskish People, but the Ruskish Liberation front could fight back! They never got all of there Territory back, but most of it is in Ruskajista again. The second time when Ruskajista was at war, it was involved in the Eponian-Pochehovan War it wasnt fought after all, and Ruskajista then made peace with Eponia.


Ruskajista has a struggling economy because the exported product is small stones to Tiefthal.


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