Republic of Suidae Freedom

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Republic of Suidae Freedom
Flag of Republic of Suidae Freedom
Motto: Per humilitas, adveho maiestas
Anthem: God Save That Pig!
Location of Republic of Suidae Freedom
LocationNorthwestern Europe
CapitalThe Royal Tent
Official languagesEnglish
• King
HRH King Jonathon I
• Prime Minister
HRH Crown Prince Christopher
Establishment20 July 2009
• Estimate

The Republic of Suidae Freedom was a micronation active in 2009.


After being inspired by Sealand and Austenasia, HRH Crown Prince Christopher founded the Republic of Suidae Freedom, or Suiland, independent from the United Kingdom on the 20th of July 2009. Since then, it begun developing bit by bit and on the 21st of July, it made its first international contact with the Empire of Austenasia.

Friends of The Realm

Republic of Suidae Freedom was officially the friend of the Republic of Taigh a Bata, and its President Scott Harwood. The Crown Prince wishes to express his delight on behalf of the nation and his people on the allegiance between our two Republics.

Diplomacy in Progress