Republic of Thyateria

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Republic of Thyateria
Coat of arms
Motto: Aegean People United!
Anthem: Ruler of the Aegean
Official languagesTurkish,Lydia, Aegeanisch
GovernmentFederal Republic of Agnsoc
• Supreme Leader
Halil İbrahim
• Census
170.000 (de facto), 1 (de jure)
CurrencyNew Tedradahmi
Time zoneUTC

The Republic of Thyateria, or Thyateria, is a micronation in Turkey.


Grand Revolt

The Supreme Leader Halil İbrahim dissolved the republic and switched to the federal republic.

First Elected

Halil İbrahim and Socialist Aegean Party won the election.

Interesting Laws

1-Sports with the ball are prohibited 2-No driving license or document required to drive any motor vehicle 3-Using slang words, throwing garbage on the ground, damaging trees, spitting on the ground, starting a fight is the death penalty.


Thyateria economy is a regional power with its trade center, various agricultural activities and small industry.

Thyateria political parties

Parties in Parliament Number of seats


Thyateria Army split a two

Ground Forces of the Thyateria

Thyateria Army have a 1 active personel and use HIB-2 assault weapon

Ground Force Inventory

1 Herakles-1 Tank

Air Forces of the Thyateria

Thyateria have a two airport

Air Force Inventory

1 hava-1 fighter

Local forces

All local forces depend on the army


Agnsoc or Aegean Socialism is one of the sub-branches of ingsoc.Agnsoc is more affectionate and more democratic than ignsoc. There are local elections and general elections Supreme Leader but a few members of the public can summon parliament if they wish, and of course, the public can see their leaders unlike ingsoc. In addition, family and sexuality are tried to be destroyed in Aegean Socialism. Like ingsoc, Aegean Socialism sees sex as unnecessary and accuses families of separatism.


Spor banned the country