Republic of the Trifecta

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Republic of the Trifecta 
 April 15, 2011
Capital Alagnia
Language English
Demonym Trifectan
Government Parliamentary Monarcy
Queen  HRM Christie I
Prime Minister HRH Nicholas Alagna
Historical era Modern era
–Foundation of the Trifecta Republic 15 April 2011
Preceded by None
Succeeded by None

The Republic of the Trifecta is a micronation that exists in the Trussville Sector, and was founded on April 15, 2011. The Republic of the Trifecta has .5 acres of territory and has a population of 9 residents and 10 citizens.


The Republic of the Trifecta was founded on April 15, 2011, by HRH Nicholas Alagna, Bailey Roper, and Sam West, of the Confederation of Awesome. It was decided that the nation would operate as a Parliamentary Monarchy, and, in a direct vote of all citizens, Nicholas Alagna became Prime Minister. Later that night, the first Monarch of the nation was coronated- Her Royal Highness, Christie I. Later that week, the nation annexed the home of Bailey Roper, creating it's second province, Baileyia.
The nation quickly established diplomatic relations with the nearby Confederation of Awesome, however, tensions exist between the two nations over the Samia's close relationship with both countries.


The Republic of the Trifecta is a Parliamentary Monarchy. The acting Monarch is HRM Christie I, and the second in the line of succession is HRH Samantha I. The legislative branch of the nation is the parliament, consisting of one representative from each of the two provinces. The current Prime Minister is HRH Nicholas Alagna.