Ribbon of Ausverian Friendship

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Ribbon of Ausverian Friendship
Awarded by the
Chancellor of Ausveria
TypeFriendship award
Established20th August 2021
FounderChancellor of Ausveria
First induction20 August 2021
Total inductees11

The Ausverian Ribbon of Friendship is an award given to foreign heads of state and government officials who have at multiple points shown themselves to be friends of the Ausverian nation.



Portrait Recipient Nation
Connor Shaw Dominion of British North America
Hunt Powell State of Faltree
Jon People's Republic of Todt Hill
Ludwig I, King of Nichensburg Tsardom of Nichensburg
Isaac J. White Republic of Tueoedeth
Matthew Laptev Bepistani Reich
Jonathan I, Emperor of Austenasia Empire of Austenasia
Pako Pametchia
Emperor Pao Empire of Huai Siao
Prince Eun Jo Empire of Huai Siao
Sean Mankowich Republican Dictat of Lake Ronkonkoma