Richard Conklin

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Richard Conklin
Conklin in 2013.
Born3 August 1988 (1988-08-03) (age 35)
United States
EducationChopticon High School (2004–2006)
OccupationIT systems administrator
Years active2005

Richard Earl Conklin (born 3 August 1988) is an American IT systems administrator[1] and retired micronationalist who reigned as Emperor of the Holy Empire of Tritoniakamia for a period of one month between May to June 2005.[2] A close friend of Fabian Schneider and Matthew McQuade, Conklin also held several offices in Seraya and Umoria.[2]


Richard Earl Conklin was born on 3 August 1988 in the United States.[3] A student of Chopticon High School in Morganza, St. Mary's County, Maryland, Conklin founded Tritoniakamia in early May 2005 during the Maryland micronations boom, having been inspired to do so by Fabian Schneider, Prince of Seraya.[4] Conklin departed from micronationalism sometime in June, as did Schneider and McQuade.[1] Conklin graduated from Chopticon High School in 2006, and became an IT systems administrator in 2013.[1]

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