Richland Liberation Army

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Richland Liberation Army

RLA Logo
Founded September 12, 2009
Headquarters State of Polis, People's Republic of Richland
General nature Military
Secretary of Defence Nick Bussalachi
Commander Richard Vincent
Infantry Assault Squad
1st Recon Detachment
Richlandian Peacekeeping Deatachment
General information
Standard weapon [1](Airsoft)

The Richland Liberation Army (RLA) is the standing army of the People's Republic of Richland and one of the most effective military forces in the Intermicronational Community.


The Richland Liberation Army was formed originally a three-man strong unit, It slowly grew and became the most active government branch in the People's Republic of Richland. Even though of the activity, the army still lacked training and discipline. in 2011 the Richland Liberation Army modernized and retrofitted any remaining surplus and brought seriousness and discipline to the army. In June 2011 the RLA served with distinction in the siege of New Polis. Now the army is comprised of 5 fire-teams and is fully equipped.


Commnander Vincent promoting Alberto Kanost to Captain.

The Army's organization is inspired by many NATOs nations military's, although adapted to the much smaller population. The highest level of organization of regular military forces which is a Squad and is lead by president who holds the title of Commander, which in turn is divided into Fireteams under the command of a captain. Fireteams are in turn divided up into Elements, created at the CO's discretion. Typically, they are led by a Brigadier. The enlisted men of the RLA hold the title of Servicemen.

Military bases of the Army (typically called Forts) are always under the command of a commissioned officer (usually a captain). Largest ones,such as Polis Officers Camp, that train recruits, will also have Drill Sergeants.


The equipment of the Richland Liberation Army is usually light but varies greatly from soldier to soldier. Standard armament is an Airsoft M14 service rifle, though soldiers use some miscellaneous airsoft weapons. The Clothing of most soldiers consists of a Black Beret (Red Beret) or MICH TC-2000 as headware, and an assault vest worn over green fatigues. These armor and weapons, although modest, are very superior to the equipment employed by the individuals, who are usually armed with an airsoft pistol. There is a variation of standard foot soldiers, known as Recon 1. These soldiers are much better trained and equipped than the standard foot soldiers. They wear green fatigues and wear a Green Beret during off duty. They carry a long-ranged sniper rifle and a binoculars. They are the Recon and Designated Snipers of RLA.


In 2011 the Richland Liberation Army set up a Military Training Camp for Military Tactics, History and Physical Training.