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Greater Ritterland Empire
Motto: Ritterland Über Alles (German: Ritterland over all)
File:North America, disputed claims in Africa
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, German
GovernmentUnitary Totalitarian State
• (as of 2018 census) census
This nation is a member of the Alliance of Tradition

The Greater Ritterland Empire is a micronation founded on March 18, 2018. It is the successor of the former BBK Empire, which dates back to 2012. It claims Bir Tawil, Berkner Island, Rothschild Island, Frisning Island, Meighan Island, Perley Island, and the Isiga Islands, in addition to the mainland (known as "Ritterland", the same as the country). These are the same territories controlled under the previous BBK Empire.


Ritterland translates from German to "Land of the Knight", a reference to the name of the preceding BBK Empire, whose official name was the Black and Blue Knight Empire.


The Ritterland Empire is the result of the Ritter Civil War. In the 2016 BBK elections, there was no winner. The far-right National Ritter Workers Party (NRWP) received 44% of the vote, the center-right Conservative Party received 37%, and the left-wing Green Party received 23%. Neither party would form a coalition, and so by law, the previous legislature could ask any party with over 30% of the vote to form a new government. The legislature supported the Conservative Party, which sparked public outrage as many felt the much larger NRWP should have formed the new government. This led the NRWP to march on the capital Rittersburg, then called Kukua City, and form a new government anyway. This sparked a civil war lasting up to March 2018, when the NRWP secured a victory.

The Ritterland Empire is made up of English and German immigrants.

Government & Politics

Ritterland is ruled by the National Ritter Workers Party, or NRWP, and does not hold national elections. Local elections are held, however, only NRWP party members can enter. Ritterland is effectively a dictatorship. Despite this, Ritterland President Wilhelm has a 71% approval rating, with only 8% disapproving.

Law and order

Crime is taken seriously, and many "degenerate" actions legalized in other countries are considered crimes in Ritterland. This includes pornography, public displays of homosexuality, wearing indecent clothing, etc. The death penalty is used. Many prisoners are sent to Labor Camps where they, in return for food, do forced labor (such as manufacturing and farming), the results of which are handed out to the poor. Numerous international organizations have inspected the camps and determined them to be humane. National security matters are dealt with by the SSA.

Foreign relations

Ritterland pursues an expansionist foreign policy, as they attempt to achieve national autarky, or self-sufficiency, which requires significant natural resources. They also expand for what they call "living space".


The military is split into two, the official Ritter Army and the unofficial Ritter Korps, which is controlled by the NRWP party. A heavily militarized country, Ritterland conscripts all able-bodied men for 2 years. Ritterland currently spends 6.5% of its GDP on defense, however, this does not include party funds spent on the Ritter Korps, which is funded entirely by donations to the party.

Geography and climate

The Ritterland mainland has a temperate climate and is located in Eastern North America. It is an enclave of the US state of Georgia.


The Ritterland economy is one of the world's first to completely eliminate unemployment and poverty. This has been done through a government program called the "Employment Program". Unemployed persons join the Employment Program and are assigned to various tasks such as agriculture, infrastructure, arms manufacturing, etc. In return, they are paid a very small salary. However, housing and food are provided so that they can save almost all of their small salary and eventually afford an actual house and leave the program.


All news is state-owned, and other media is regulated.