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Capital City of Raphania
District of Rossailles
Farmer's Court, Rossailles
Farmer's Court, Rossailles
Established13 October 2022
Time zoneRaphanian Standard Time (RST)

Rossailles is the capitol city of the Westarctican Colony of Raphania. The city previously served as Raphania's Consulate General to the United States of America during the times of Raphanian independence. Since joining Westarctica on 19 November 2022, Rossailles was changed from merely a diplomatic outpost to the central administrative center for all of Raphania.


Rossailles consists of three separate areas, the first is Government House a small apartment occupied by the Raphanian Viceregal couple. Second to this is an adjacent, backyard courtyard which serves as a seat for diplomatic meetings and outdoor activities. The courtyard is known as Farmer's Court named for Westarctican Prime Minister, Jordan Farmer. The third and final area is an adjacent grass field known as "Colonial Park" which is home to the colony's national soccer pitch.