Royal National Guard

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Royal National Guard
Flag of the National Guard
MottoFACTA NON VERBA (Latin: Facts, not talking.)
Service branches Infantry, Marine warfare, Air warfare.
Commandant in-chiefRangers Officers Rankslides CommandantInChief.png HRH Manuel Maria I° di Ledilia
Minister of DefenseRangers Officers Rankslides General.png General Sir Flavio Dal Cin

The Royal National Guard', ( it:Guardia Nazionale Reale) isa land warfare branch of the Royal Ledilian United Forces. It was founded by the Prince Manuel M. I° to protect and rebel foreign espionage activities and to defend the Principality's territory and integrity.


The National Guard is a land-warfare branch divided into smaller armed groups and less-relevant groups. One of the most important armed group in the National Guard is the Grenztruppen.



Officers Ranks and Insigna

NATO equiv. code OF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1 OF(D) Student officer
FlagRangers.png Ledilia
Rangers Officers Rankslides CommandantInChief.png Rangers Officers Rankslides General.png Rangers Officers Rankslides LieutenantGeneral.png Rangers Officers Rankslides MajorGen.png Rangers Officers Rankslides Brigadier.png Rangers Officers Rankslides Colonel.png Rangers Officers Rankslides LieutenantCol.png Rangers Officers Rankslides Major.png Rangers Officers Rankslides Captain.png Rangers Officers Rankslides 1st Lieutenant.png Rangers Officers Rankslides 2nd Lieutenant.png Rangers Officers Rankslide OffCadet.png No equivalent

Branch Structure

  • 1st National Guard Division
    • 1st Infantry Group
      • Alpha Company
        • 1st Infantry Battalion
      • 1st Amphibious Group
        • 1st Marine Expeditionary Unit
      • 1st General Purpose Brigade
        • 1st Utility Group
    • 1st Panzerschutze Kompanien
      • 1st Panzerschutze Group