Saffron Army

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भगवा सॆना
Saffran Army

Saffron Army Emblem
Active 12th Nov 2011–present
Country Aryavart Empire
Role Land force
Size 60-90
Motto वीर भॊग्य वसुन्धरा
English: "The Brave Enjoy the Earth"
March Kadam Kadam Badaye Jaa
Anniversaries November 12th, 2011
Engagements Unknown
Samrath of Aryavart Harshvardhan
Defense Minister of Aryavart Yudharth Singh Parihar

Saffron Army, (Sanskrit: भगवा सॆना) is the land combat force of Aryavart Empire and is the largest defense force in Saffron Defense Force. It is one of they most secret force in the micronational world. It keep many of its military practices and weapons hidden from rest of world because of fear from dispute from Republic of India. Supported by the Hindutva Engine ASSH got and is getting new members at a fast rate. And all have to sign citizenship with Aryavart hence making a good human resource available for the army. On 31 December 2011, government of Aryavart passed a law by allowing some information to be made public about the army.


A Mauser 98

Though the exact number and type of equipment with the army are still a secret for outside world. But it is known to have fire arms and bombs with it. Bombs haven't been reveled at all to the out side world. But however it have revealed of owning the Mauser 98. It is also clear with the ownership of Rajput swords by the army.


Army scientists are researching on new missile technologies and Chemical Hydrogen bomb. In the initial military tests, HCl+Na2CO3 fuel engine was used but it failed. The first 7 tests were unsuccessful because the fuel leaked and last 2 tests failed proving this formula is insufficient in launching the rocket. Army would try to make NaClO3 formula imported from Egtavia and try to combine it with chemical hydrogen bomb to make destructive missiles. Army is also working on remote sensing technology.

Rajput Swords


Saffron Army's involvement in war is currently not available. But hopefully government would reveal it soon.

Strongest Claim

Saffron Army have claimed to be the strongest micronational combat force.