State of Samizdat

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State of Samizdat
Flag of State of Samizdat
Coat of arms of State of Samizdat
Coat of arms
Motto: "Be distinct or be related"
Anthem: "National Anthem Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs"
Official languagesEnglish, French, Pidgin Signed English (PSE), Russian, Spanish (unofficial)
GovernmentDecentralized meritocracy
• (applied via internet) census
11 citizens

The State of Samizdat is located in Spain. Samizdat was established in line with the Montevideo Convention (1933) in May 2019. This micronation has formally claimed the territory of Marie Byrd Land and also claims a one-hectare family plot in Spain.

Etymology of Name

The word Samizdat is Russian in origin. It was used during the Soviet era to refer to the production and distribution by ordinary citizens of government censored political material. The State of Samizdat, established 20 May 2019, sees itself as a supporter of the Europe of sovereign states, and very much an opponent of the EU project.


The State of Samizdat was originally established to represent the community of TOR users in Onionland, but has since developed into a wider project. It has claimed land in the South Pole, Spain and Scotland, recognised several independent states, awarded medals and other awards, and named a government. National Day is celebrated on 20 May. On 3 May 2021 a special edition postage stamp was issued to commemorate National Day.

Lamb Island Territory

On 10 Aug 2022, the State of Samizdat annexed a former micronation called Lamb Island, which is now a territory of the State of Samizdat. Both the constitution and all laws of the now defunct Lamb Island micronation were annulled. The island near Scotland is now known as Lamb Island Territory.


National Holidays

National holiday in Samizdat are as follows:

World Penguin Day is celebrated on April 25.

1 January - New Years' Day

25 April - World Penguin Day

15 May - National Flag Day

17 May - Internet Day. May become "Intranet Day" in the future. (6 July)

20 May - Independence Day

1 October - Catalonia Day

6 December - Constipation Day (unofficial holiday)

25 December - Christmas Day

26 December - St. Stephen's Day

Official Religion

The official religion of the State of Samizdat is Christianity. This became so after the issuing of a state decree on March 3, 2020.[1]

The State of Samizat declares Christianity to be the official state religion. No other religion will hold the same status, be offered the same representation, or be equal in standing. All state laws will reflect Christian values and Christian symbols will be present in public buildings and public areas.

— State Decree; March 3rd, 2020

No other religion in the State of Samizdat shares the same status, rights or are reflected in the micronation's laws. On 23 July 2021 Samizdat released a statement committing itself to placing a Christian cross in its territory, stating that the cross reflects the Christian values and identity of this micronation.

Radio Samizdat was launched on 29 June 2019

National Sport

Samizdat Table Football Club was established on 12 July 2021

The official "national sport" in Samizdat is table football (foosball in the USA). Samizdat Table Football Club was established by decree on the 12 July 2021 in the hope of organising table football tournaments in the future, as this "sport" does not require physical strength and anyone of any age can participate. The tournaments will hopefully be international and other micronations will be encouraged to participate.

The statement reads: "The table football club will be open to anyone with an interest in this sport. Samizdat Table Football Club hopes to make contact with similar clubs to establish contact and participate in events."

Official Languages

There are two official languages in Samizdat: English and French. The language of state administration and diplomacy is English, with French being used for communication and cultural reasons.

Official symbols

The State of Samizdat has adopted various people, plants and animals as national symbols. These reflect the culture and values of this micronation. Lavander was chosen as the national flower because of its ability to ward off flies and its beautiful smell in summer. The adoption of the penguin as the national animal may seem an odd choice, but penguins are cute animals and can be very friendly.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a flower which can be used as a herb, although it is not officially classified as a herb. It was adopted as the national flower by the State of samizdat on 24 July 2019. Samizdat hopes to make lavender products in the future

Driving & Transport

The first ever car registration number plate issued on 1 August 2019.
International vehicle registration code adopted on 4 August 2019.

The State of Samizdat issued its first car registration number plate on 1 August 2019. It is white with black lettering, both front and back, with a pale blue border. Unlike ordinary number plates, it is a standard import size. New number plates are issued every year on August 1. The year of registration is indicated by the last two numbers. The number 19 is 2019. The first letter and four numbers are chosen at random. The international vehicle registration code (sometimes called the International Circulation Mark) is unique to each nation. The State of Samizdat adopted the International vehicle registration code SMZ on 4 August 2019. An example car sticker can be seen on the right.

Postal Service & Stamps

The State of Samizdat issues commemorative stamps on special occasions and for annual events. The first stamp was issued in December 2019 and like all the stamps issued by the State of Samizdat, it had no face value. This is because the postal services in Samizdat are free. This is due to the small size of the territory claimed by the State of Samizdat. Such stamps are merely collectors' items.

Below are the postal stamps issued so far, the date when it was issued and a brief description. On the left, is the very first stamp issued by the State of Samizdat in December 2019. The logo used for Postal Services was produced on 19 Aug 2021.