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Schwarzach (ger)
Schwarzach (eng)
Шварцах/Чернорецк (rus)
施瓦察赫/黑河 (cmn)

Country Pangavian People's Democratic Republic

District Salzach

Population 7,283

Population density 121/km2

Area 60.1 km2

Schwarzach (rus. "Чернорецк", literally "town of the black river") is a municipality in the Pangavian People's Democratic Republic. It lies in the Salzach district (Kreis Salzach).


Schwarzach is located roughly 10 km south-west of the capital Bischofshofen. The Salzach river crosses the municipality center in the valley from east to west.


Prior to administrative changes carried out by the Pangavian government, the current municipality was made up by two independent administrative sections: The towns Schwarzach im Pongau and St. Veit im Pongau. The two independent towns were unified in August 2017 by a decree of the People's Commissariat for Domestic Affairs.