Security in Raflesinesia

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Security authorities in Raflesinesia consists in 7 divisions. Although it's brand new or out of oven, securities in Raflesinesia is mentally and physically prepped. Police officers is dealing this as well, providing safety from childhood to neighborhood.


Since the threat from locals kept developed, the Minister of Defense and Law Admiral Ibrahim, brought out a petition and proposal to made this country even safer. It said that this country needs a security authorities to repel and expel the rebels' interruptions.



Just like the SAS in Great Britain, SAS/RF is a trained special mission soldiers division to penetrate, destroy and escape cleanly. The HQ building of this division is just outside Rethels near Clifton Hills. Currently, SAS/RF is dealing with the new trainees.

Royal Army, Seals, Marines and Air Force

This division is specialized on war situations. Army's duty is to repelling the attackers on the front line, Seals is to repelling the attackers and ambush the attackers on the camp or building site. Air force is dealing with the attackers in the air. Marines is dealing amphibically, on the land and sea.


This division is specialized on direct ambush on the attacker's camp site. SST is the only division that handles two things, spy and ambush.


This division is specialized on secret spies and espionage. MI8 is currently holding on the espionage of the neighboring country's fleets and powers.


The police is established on 10 February 2012. This division is made to fulfil the road security to a strikes. They founded for one reason: Street Smart

When the country was born as CHC Ville, Street Smart program is the first program to brought out as community's security. Starts from road crossing to fights. Today, it's hold by the police for a direct security.

On 11 December, Prime Minister Rayhan Haikal launches Raflesinesia Page Police to ensure the security of the pages in MicrWwiki. If you want to know more, leave a message at the page

Parliament's security system

The parliament is secured by highly trained security team with the cooperation from citizens. The members also have to own a powerful motorcycle or scooter like SM163A Blade (Faiz's) or L15A3 Skywave (Rayhan's) to increase the chance of run from an attack.