Senate of the Republic (Atlantis)

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The Senate of the Republic (often just the Senate) is one of the two assemblies which, together with the Chamber of Deputies, form the Atlantis Parliament. The Atlantis Constitution provides that the Senate is composed by Atlantis citizens who have reached 14 years of age and that helped the nation in the past. Who is in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Senate is called Senator (abbreviated: Sen.) The senators are not elected and the Presidents of the Republic are members of the Senate. Who have the honour to be Senator but have the charge of Member of Parliament can vote only in the Chamber of Deputies.

List of Senators

Number Portrait Name Political Party Took office Former office/s Home state
1. Pawel Dworzycki SocialDemocratic 20 January 2000 Vice President New Scotland
2. Sante Carbone SocialDemocratic 20 January 2004 Minister of Defence and Minister of Home Affairs Poseidon
3. File:Eastwoodofficialportait.jpg Alexander Eastwood SocialDemocratic 20 January 2008 President of the Republic, Prime Minister Poseidon
4. Gabriele Pellecchia SocialDemocratic 10 October 2010 President of the Republic, Minister of Foreign Affairs Poseidon
5. Flavio Beninati Conservative 1 January 2012 President of the Republic, Deputy Prime Minister of Atlantis, Minister of Defence, Director of the SIS Venetia