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Flag Djodger's Seal

Languages spoken Dutch, Allotment Speak
Demonym Serdesian
Time zone CET

Nation Republic of Brändholm
President Shady Morsi
- Mayor Tyrone Ownsly

Inhabitants 21

Serdesia is a Special Extraterritroy of Brändholm located In The Netherlands. It is named after the former micronation.

Harehill and St. Mary's acts as the de facto capital of the Republic of due to the fact that it falls under full control of the republic, whereas control over the proclaimed mainland is very weak. Furthermore, the national legislature and the stockpile of the Army are located here.

National Parliament Building

Consisting of mainly grassland with several sheds, caravans and barns, it is 17,000 square meters in size. 2/3 of the military stockpile is located here.


Oegstgeest is one of the earliest inhabited places along the coast. Evidence of a Batavian settlement from the second century was found in 1946 in an extension of a coastal dune in the Elgeesterpolder, although it is not certain whether this location remained permanently inhabited in the centuries after that.

By the 9th century there was already a little church in the same location as the current Little Green Church (Groen Kerkje) which, according to legend, was dedicated by Willibrord. The existence of this church is an indication that there may have been a community there.

From the 11th to the 14th century, Oegstgeest enjoyed a period of progress. This ended when Leiden was granted city rights. The carrying out of trades and construction were no longer permitted within a certain distance from the city. In 1399, the heerlijkheid of Oegstgeest and that of Poelgeest were merged because their declining populations could no longer afford to pay the required taxes to the Count of Holland.

Oud Poelgeest. Until the 19th century the boundary of Oegstgeest extended right to the city walls and moats of Leiden. But in the 19th and 20th century, it conceded more and more of its territory to the rapidly expanding city of Leiden.

Before the early 20th century, Oegstgeest had a rural character and did not have a centre of population. It consisted of several unconnected smaller settlements. Only after 1900 were new neighbourhoods built between the settlements. First Wilhelminapark was built, followed by Prins Hendrikpark (circa 1915), Buitenlust or Indische Buurt (1925), Julianapark, Oranjepark, and Emmapark (1920–1950), and Grunerie and the area between Emmalaan and Lange Voort (1950s). In the 1980s and 1990s, the Haaswijk and Morsebel neighbourhoods were built, followed by Poelgeest in the 2000s. In 2006 construction started on a new neighbourhood, Nieuw Rhijngeest.

Golden Plains Republic

Flag of the GPR

The Golden Plains Republic was an absurdist micronation created by Denzel Aardwijk

Its tongue-in-cheek territorial pretensions encompass the current Serdesian borders and various claims on the world

The republic was a "Parian State" with means the republic used only single basic things and ban luxery and happyness The nation of The Golden Plains Republic was founded by Denzel Aardwijk and some frends in 2012 as an attempt to break away from the Dutch government and create a new sovereign state.Denzel was proclaimed President of Presidents of the GPR", his coronation was held shortly after. During the Coronation, The state declared war on Russia the state was destroyed in a civil war leading to the formation of Serdesia

Free Detachments

Early Serdesian flag

On the 12 January 2012,The GPR was fall and the revolutionaries decided to merge to create a state known as the Free Detachments of Serdesia , the main aim of the merge was to create a larger, stronger micronation. The day the was founded, Najim Oumejjoud was declared president of the holdings hovever he moved back to The Netherlands in december 2012 due to personal reasons. and Wessel De Wekker was elected During this period, he expanded the republic massively from its early state, annexing provinces in April 2013 as well as expanding the state from the original alotment to the entire property. He founded the Military, the Treasury, and designed many of Serdesian official symbols.

In 2013 The Sack of Serdenie occurred on April 24, 2013. The city was attacked by Dutch Vandals, led by Robert Kleindorp. At that time, Serdenie was the capital of the Serdesia, having been replaced in this position by Ravanna in 402. Nevertheless, the city of Serdesie retained a paramount position as "the eternal city" and a spiritual center of the republic. The sack was a major shock to contemporaries, The police fighted with the vandals but the dutch police dont acepted that and fighting begin

Christian Era

Serdesia in 2013

The Christian Republic of Serdesia was founded as a replacement for the FDS, it was a Christian Single Party State and Serdesia During the early stages of the Republic, it was largely inactive due to the lack of a Government. However, during mid 2013, activity increased and a Government was created. Pieter Houtman became the Serdesian President following an election However He left Serdesia and Serdesia became inactive and the people created Martinia and Dachenia

Serdesian State

Following the break up of Christian Serdesia, the territory of Serdesia was reduced the Curent area due to the fact they wehere the only areas the government has control over. Dachenia was declared defunct and Anuar Laddas proclaimed the establishment of the Commune in the capital city of Inderpendecia. However since the Republic of Brändholm was formed Anuar Laddas proclaimed the merger with Brändholm


Serdesia is located on Oegstgeest. Since it contains the capital Inderpendcia, is exclave The mainland consists of slightly sloped, grassland. The capital resides on international borders on one sides. The highest point on the Serdesian mainland is 1 meters above sea level. The land is mainly filled with grass and surrounded by a large border wall on all sides. The territory is owned and control by the government.


The government of Serdesia is formed as an extraterrial enclave in holland. It have its own laws and don't follow Brandholmer laws