Shulingese Nationalist Party

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Shulingese Nationalist Party
LeaderKrepies II
FounderKrepies II
Founded26 January 2022
Membership (2022)2
Political positionRIght-Wing
National affiliationSerene Canton of Shulinguo
  1. 555555
Seats in Senate
2 / 12
Logo of the Party

The Shulingese Nationalist Party (SNP, Mandarin: 树林国民族主义, Shùlínguó mínzú zhǔyì) was a Shulingese right-wing nationalist political party focused on "Shulingese Nationalism" and promoting unity amongst all people. The party was founded on 26 January 2022, by a Nationalist Micronationalist Krepies II, the party also aimed for history preservation of the nation.


The party is relatively new, and still looking for new members, currently having 2 seats in the senate (March 2022), and expected to get at least 3 seats in the senate by early April 2022.



The party founded by Krepies II from Namwuan Empire, as a right-wing nationalist party. Immediately after the establishment of the party, Krepies II becomes a chairman of the party and got a seat in the senate.