Socialist Republic of Augustan

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Socialist Republic of Augustan
Flag of Socialist Republic of Augustan
Coat of arms of Socialist Republic of Augustan
Coat of arms
Motto: Progress and Courage!
Anthem: The Internationale
Official languagesEnglish, French, Russian, Arabic and Augustanian
GovernmentSocialist republic
• President
Chairman Gus Rósínśtí
LegislaturePeople's National Congress Of Augustan
Establishment9 April 2020
• (estimated) census
Time zoneAugustanian Standard Time (GMT-4)

The Socialist Republic of Augustan was a micronation located it Michigan, U.S.A. It was founded by Gus Rósínśtí in 2020. The mainland of Augustan is located in Gus's bedroom.


Augustan was founded on April 9, 2020 by Gus C. Rósínśtí.


Augustan's first conflict was a civil war, between the Soviets and the Constitutional Monarchy. It started on April 21, 2020, and ended 17 hours later when the Soviets Surrendered to the Monarchist.

Other events

  • April 9, 2020: Soviet Republic of Augustan established.
  • April 21, 2020: Augustanian Civil War between the Soviets and the Constitutional Monarchist.
  • April 26, 2020: Augustanian constitution sighed by Gus C. Rósínśtí I.
  • April 29, 2020: Augustan and Altavia sighed non-aggression pact.
  • May 26, 2020: Augustan changes its government to a Socialist Republic.


Mainland Augustan is located in Michigan, U.S.A. Its position is known only to the Chairman, his family, and the highest-ranking members of the Augustanian Government. Some of Augustan's territories include Chestervill, Gabesvill, and Dreskilia.


National Holidays
Date Name
January 8 Festival Day
March 19 National food fight day
April 9 Independence day
April 13 Chairman Gus C. Rósímiá day
May 6 Election day
September 22 National legislator day
October 16 Halloween
November 8 Civil war day
December 21 Christmas
December 30 National Hásénõ D´léliúvõ day


The official languages of Augustan are English, French, Russian, Arabic and Augustanian.


Augustanian Cuisine is a mix of European, Asian food. The national food is Másipánõ, and the national drink is Hásénõ D´léliúvõ.