Socialist Republic of Lucentia

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Socialist Republic of Lucentia
Flag of Lucentia
Coat of arms of Lucentia
Coat of arms
Motto: "Parva gens, magna somnia"
"Small Nation, Big Dreams"
Anthem: "Solidarity Forver"
Territories of Lucentia
Territories of Lucentia
LocationPak Kret, Nonthaburi, Thailand
Official languagesEnglish and Thai
Ethnic groups
  • 99% Thais
  • 1% Other
• Leader
Mohammed Hakeem Sami
• Litheria
3 September 2022
• Lucentia
5 April 2023
• Total
0.257357 km2 (0.099366 sq mi)
• 2023 estimate
CurrencyLucentian Luce (LCL) (de jure)

Thai Baht (THB) (de facto)
Time zoneUTC+7 (XST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Calling code+66
In Development

Lucentia, officially the Socialist Republic of Lucentia, is a landlocked micronation that claims a gated community in Pak Kret, Nonthaburi, Thailand. It is fully enclaved within Pak Kret. It is the most populous micronation fully enclaved within Thailand with at least 1,000. To put that in perspective, the second most populated micronation fully enclaved within Thailand, Queensland has 326 people. It was founded as the Socialist Republic of Litheria in September 3, 2022 by Mohammed Hakeem Sami, who is still the leader of the nation.

Litheria was established on September 3, 2022 with a one-party socialist government. The name of the party is the Double Star Party. It was made on the same day without a name or logo. The nation was renamed to Lucentia on April 2, 2022 to give the name a proper meaning.

Lucentia is a full member of the General Assembly of the Thailand Micronations and is planning to join Alliance Inter-Micronations


The name "Lucentia" comes from the word lucent which is an alternative word for shine. An alternative word for shine was picked because the sun shines in Lucentia daily. It used to be called "Litheria" but the name was changed in April 2, 2022 due a lack of meaning.


September 3, 2022 - 12-year-old Sami watches a Nas Daily video about Molossia and gets tempted to start his own micronation. He talks with his friend Pun and they both start a micronation at the same time. Pun claims territories of his and his friend's houses and Sami claims territories of empty grasslands in his community. Sami makes his country socialist and Pun makes his country welfarist.

October-Early November 2022 - Sami expands his country to a small portion of his community.

Late November–December 2022 - Sami expands his nation to the entire northern part of his community, which is more than 200,000 meters squared.

January–February - Sami expands his nation to include the southern part of his community, which is about 45,000 meters squared.

April 2, 2023, The new coat of arms and flag is adopted. The nation now has 4 provinces, 9 city municipalities, and 1 special administrative area, which is the Capital.

April 6, 2023, The Double Star Party is given a name and logo.

Politics and government

Political Parties

Name Logo Founded Ideology Leader
Double Star Party September 3, 2022 Lucentianism
Mohammed Hakeem Sami


The leader of Lucentia's real name is Sami B. Mohammed. He was born in Bangkok, Thailand in November 11, 2009. He is half Thai and half Egyptian by race but holds a Thai passport. He could speak English and some Thai. He is also known as "Mohammed Hakeem Sami".

Foreign Relations

As of April 21, 2023, Lucentia only has diplomatic relations with Vistelia and New Capanesia. Lucentia is planning to have diplomatic relations with more countries in the General Assembly of the Thailand Micronations soon.


Lucentia claims 257,357 square meters of land in Pak Kret. The country is formed out of two enclaves. The two enclaves are Colossina and Isolonia. Colossina is more than 4 times bigger than Islonia. The country is one of the flattest in the world with the highest point being less than 5 meters. The nation has access to Khlong Khun Mahat Thai which is the only waterway it has access to.


Lucentia experiences a Tropical Savanna climate according to the Köppen climate classification. The temperature is hot year-round and the average yearly is 27.7 °C.


In 2023, Lucentia has 4 provinces and 1 special administrative area.

Flag Name Population
Equidonia 100-150
Brancheria 500-750
Crestia 250-300
Trifloid 150-175
Isolonia 150-225