Solidarity Party (Gwladcoeden)

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Solidarity Party
LeaderArthur Hitchens
Deputy LeaderNicholas O’Neill
Founded17 May 2021
IdeologyPaternalistic conservatism, Communitarianism & Localism
Political positionSyncretism
Fiscal: Centre left
Social: Centre-right
Slogan"Common Good in the National Interest"

The Solidarity Party (English: Plaid Solidader) is a syncretic political party in the Republic of Gwladcoeden established in 2021. Ideologically, the Solidarity Party combines Paternalistic conservatism, Communitarianism & Localism and support for a mixed market economy. In the First Gwladcoeden Pendraigol Election the Solidarity Party decided to back Iacof ap Antoni as president of Gwladcoeden because of his past commitment to the nation.

The party currently has no elected representatives however that is not thanks to the size of the part rather the party was not around at the First Gwladcoeden General Election.

Names and symbols

The party's name was partly inspired by the American Solidarity Party, although in ideology they are much closer to the United Kingdom's Social Democratic Party. The Animal that the Solidarity Party is most associated with is the red squirrel which to the party represents tradition, duty, honor & a great respect for nature and classical architecture.

The Party's colour is blue which represents the party's paternalistic conservative nature. Although the party often uses red and white in campaigning these are not official party colours. The logo of the party represents their roots in Wales with a daffodil, but specifically coloured blue to represent their paternalistic conservative nature.

The Party is often called sol-dat by some members although it is not an official name.


The party was created in 2021 by Arthur Hitchens who is new to the micronation community, however Arthur does have a great knowledge of politics and party organization from his time in a range of different UK political parties. Arthur created the party to represent the socially conservative of Gwladcoeden who he believes have been forgotten by other parties and organizations.

The party was started after the First Gwladcoeden General Election and so currently has no elected representatives in the Gwladcoeden Senedd. Although the party do plan to push hard in the next Gwladcoeden General Election they are even working on a manifesto.

Policies and ideology

The Solidarity Party is a syncretic party which combines centre-left economics with centre-right stances on social and cultural values. The Solidarity Party takes great influences off the United Kingdom's Social Democratic Party, The American Solidarity Party & Russia's A Just Russia (SR) all of which advocate for left economics with some values of conservatism or patriotism.

Social Policy

The Solidarity Party rejects what they deem as extremist progressivism in favour of a more patriotic conservatism. The party advocates a points based immigration system & wants to limit the numbers that are taken in on an annual basis. The party also believes in the importance of architecture in daily life and rejects modernist architecture like that used for the Welsh Senedd Building or the architecture used for the Lloyd's building in London, Instead the party wishes to encourage more traditional buildings like those used in Poundbury. The party also is an advocate for environmental protection to help protect and conservative the nations wildlife & its beauty.

Economic Policy

The Solidarity Party is quite supportive of nationalization of key industries to help the less well off in the nation by providing them with cheaper more effective transport, energy, water & gas. The Solidarity Party are extremely supportive of building national infrastructure and better connecting the nation together. The party also supports a grant system to help encourage people to create businesses and support vital local projects from both the community and government.

Foreign Policy

The party could be described as somewhat indifferent to foreign policy since its much more of an inward looking party, but the party does however has a clear policy of trade protectionism in key industrial areas. But overall they are willing to trade with most nations freely.

Election & Parliament Reform

yet to be announced by the party.

Party Leaders

Leader Elections Took office Left office
Arthur Hitchens Image First Gwladcoeden General Election 17 May 2021 Incumbent
First Gwladcoeden Pendraigol Election