Sultanate of Meranti

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Sultanate of Meranti
Malay Kesultanan Meranti
Jawi کسلطانن مرنتي
Flag of Meranti
Coat of arms of Meranti
Coat of arms
Motto: "Sentiasa Di Bawah NaunganNya"
"Always Under His Shade"
Anthem: Tanah Airku Meranti
Location of Sultanate of Meranti in Malay Peninsular (red point)
Location of Sultanate of Meranti in Malay Peninsular (red point)
CapitalTanjung Deksana
LargestTeluk Pasir
Official languagesMalay
Ethnic groups
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Sultan
Baba Al-Hakim
• Crown prince
Zack Al-Hakim
• Prime minister
Dewan Para Bendahara
• Establishment of Meranti
30 December 2022
• Total
0.407 km2 (0.157 sq mi)
• 2023 estimate
• 2022 census
CurrencyCupak Meranti
Time zoneMST (UTC+8)
• Summer (DST)
MST (not observed)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.ex

The Sultanate of Meranti (Malay : Kesultanan Meranti) (Jawi : کسلطانن مرنتي), more commonly known as Meranti, is a micronation in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The sultanate declared its establishment on 30 December 2022 upon their first sultan appointment.

The sultanate claims their territory covers the area of Cape Rachado and its nearby beaches until the border of Menyala River. It also claims six islands nearby the coastline. The capital and royal city of the sultanate is Tanjung Deksana.

The sultanate is inviting other people to be a citizen in this country.


The name "Meranti" is taken from the name of a popular tree in the Malay Peninsular. The scientific name of the tree is Shorea leprosula.


The first Sultan, Indera Segara once visited the area of Tanjung Deksana and other nearby area. He got an idea to form a new government in the inhabitated area. He also found several nearby inhabitated islands. On 29 December 2022, he planned to form a new sultanate called "Sultanate of Tanjung Deksana". But, the next day he change the sultanate's name to 'Sultanate of Meranti"

The sultanate is planning to invade more inhabitated area in the peninsular.


The sultanate is located at the southern Malay Peninsular. The sultanate's territory covers an area o 0.407 km square consists of a cape and nearby coastline until it reach Menyala River and five inhabitated islands.

The sultanate land mostly consist of a swampy area. Many mangroves grow there and become the habitat of many sea creatures.


Meranti's government system is constitutional monarchy. The Sultan will be the head of state meanwhile the Prime Minister will be the head of the government. The current sultan is Baba Al-Hakim while the current prime minister is Farazi.


The Sultan is the head of state. All the elected prime ministers should get his permission first to be elected. It also same to all the elected ministers.


The executive branch consists of the prime minister, deputy prime minister, and the Para Bendahara (the cabinet). The Para Bendahara consists of several ministers such as Minister of Health, Minister of Defence and other.


The legislative of Meranti is Dewan Para Bendahara. The Dewan Para Bendahara consists of ten members will be elected by the citizens in the general election that will be held every 4 years. The ten members will represent their seat that elected them.


The judicial of the sultanate consists of Supreme Court of Meranti and Sharia Court of Meranti. The Supreme Court will manage common crime cases while the Sharia Court will manage the cases related with Sharia law.


Monarchy system in the Sultanate of Meranti is based on the descendant of Al-Hakim. The new sultan will be appointed when the current sultan died or sick. Usually the crown prince is the first son of the current sultan. The current crown prince will be the next sultan. If the current sultan does not have any son, his throne will be given to his brother or cousin. Woman cant be the sultan.

The wife of sultan is Permaisuri (the Queen). The sultan can choose whether he want to marry a royal woman or a citizen.

This is the list of the current royal family;

Sultan : Baba Al-Hakim

Crown prince : Zack Al-Hakim

Prince : Syafiq Al-Hakim, Danish Al-Hakim, Amor Al-Hakim, Aluddin Al-Hakim

Administrative divisions

The sultanate consists of 5 states, one capital state and one special autonomous state.

Name Type Population
Tanjung Deksana Capital state 20
Teluk Pasir State 30
Pulau Ujung State 4
Pulau Bakau State 2
Pulau Arang State 3
Pulau Intan State 2
Pasir Menyala Special autonomous state 10


The culture in Meranti mostly are the Malay cultures including foods, festival, music and dances. Some famous foods in Meranti are nasi lemak, rendang, masak lemak cili api and smoked duck meat.


Date Day Explanation
13 January Hari Keputeraan Sultan The Sultan's Birthday
30 December Hari Meranti The establishment of Meranti
Based on Hijri Calendar Awal Ramadan The first day of Muslim fasting month
Nuzul Al-Quran The day when the first verse of Quran was revealed by Gabriel to Mohammed
Eid Al-Fitr The day after the end of Muslim fasting month
Eid Al-Adha The sacrification of Abraham and Ishmael
Maulid The birthday of Prophet Mohammed