Syriac Catholic Church of The Danube and New Flanders

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Syriac Catholic Church of The Danube and New Flanders

An orignail depection of Jesus Christ

Founder Christ
Founded June 2018
Headquarters The Holy See
Pope Francis
Rite Eastern
Language English, Syriac, Latin
Members 12


The West Syriac Rite is rooted in the old tradition of both the churches of Jerusalem and Antioch and has ties with the ancient Jewish Berakah and is usually called the Western Syriac Rite.

The Syriac Catholic Church follows a similar tradition to other Eastern Catholic Churches who use the West Syriac Rite, such as the Maronites and Syro-Malankara Christians. This rite is clearly distinct from the Greek Byzantine rite of Antioch of the Melkite Catholics and their Orthodox counterparts. Syriac Catholic priests were traditionally bound to celibacy by the Syriac Catholic local Synod of Sharfeh in 1888, but there are now a number of married priests.

The Liturgy of the Syriac Catholic church is very similar to their Orthodox Counterparts.

St. Jude and The Holy Sprit

The Chruch places St. Jude in high esteem due to his relation to Jesus and his Patronage of Hope. The church also believes that within all humans lies the Holy Spirit giving all humans value. St. Jude is often portrayed very closely with the Holy Spirit giving him a deeper connection to all humans. The Church regards all creative expression ie: Music, Art, Dance as manifestations of the Logos or Holy Spirit

St. Jude The Apostle