TASPAC Geographic Society

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TASPAC Geographic Society
Type: Non-profit organisation
Founded 17 February 2012
Founders: Michael Sander
Prof. John Collins
Mars McTavish
Headquarters: Republic of Acacia
President: Mars McTavish
Website: Official website

The TASPAC Geographic Society is a non-profit organisation established by the Tasman-Pacific organisation in February 2012. Its aim is to advance the study of geography as well as study of similar disciplines.


The TASPACGS was founded on the 17th February 2012 by Michael Sander of Australia and Mars McTavish and Professor John Collins of the Federated Republics of A1.


Date Location Participants Notes Records
16th Feb 2012 Melbourne 1 A bed's summit was conquered by Mars McTavish on the 16th February after a lengthy and difficult expedition, which took many seconds. She intends to document her exploits during this epic expedition in a three volume book.
17th Feb 2012 Adelaide 1 Michael Sander journeyed and descended along a series of flat-topped cliffs on a roughly 35° slope. He then traversed an open rocky plateau, and entered a double-ended cave, where he retrieved artefacts from a subcavern, including various unidentified foodstuffs and writing implements.


Name Discoverer Notes Picture
Imperial Gate of Goals matrix, Aptitude, Youths, Community, Un-Australianess, Non-powered tractor movement (unexpected) and Theatre mortuary evacuation point qualityness. Prof. John Collins The gate was discovered by Collins during one of his expeditions along a creek. He was so taken by its grace and beauty that he promptly named it. Imperial Gate of Glory.jpg
Metcard machine of Audacity and Hope Prof. John Collins A machine discovered by Prof. Collins after successfully scaling a tram. Metcard machine of audacity and hope.jpg
Bicycle Sign of Epic Wigglesness Prof. John Collins A sign permitting the use of bicycles and pedestrians was dedicated to the Wiggles during another expedition along a creek. Bicycle sign of epic wigglesness.jpg
Joseph Puglisi Pile of Excrement Prof. John Collins A pile of excrement discovered by Hogg near the town of Marysville, which the TASAPCGS decided to name after Joseph Puglisi in an ad hominem attack. Puglisi pile of excrement.jpg