Theron of Edmount

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The Right Honorable
Theron of Edmount KOS
Minister for the Environment
In office
December 2012 - March 2013
Prime Minister HRH Prince Aaron
Predecessor Office established
Successor Vacant
1st Prime Minister of Überstadt
In office
January 2012 - October 2012
Monarch HM King Adam
Predecessor Office established
Successor HRH Prince Aaron
Member of Parliament for Edmount
In office
January 2012 - October 2012
Personal information
Citizenship American
Occupation Student
Religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Theron of Edmount was formerly an Überstadti politician who served as the first Prime Minister of Überstadt from January to October 2012. He founded and led the populist Contractors' Democratic Party. Theron's last political post was Minister for the Environment.

Political career

Theron of Edmount was one of the eleven signers of the royalist constitution during the November Revolution, forming his party soon afterwards. The Contractors' Democratic Party, or CDP, was founded on platforms of economic liberalism and the promotion of increased democracy through the election of all public officials. He filled his party's sole seat upon his election to Parliament, but strategically formed a three-way coalition with the Cat Party and Centrist Party, allowing him to be eligible to lead the government. He was appointed Prime Minister the evening of the final ballot count. This first government was highly inactive, passing only one law.

Theron was reelected into the Second Parliament of Überstadt and continued his tenure as Prime Minister, his coalition this time comprising his own CDP and the Cat Party. This government was slightly more productive than the first, passing multiple laws. Nonetheless, the long period of time he spent in office and his officiation of the Coronation of King Adam I made him admired by some segments of the public for his service. It was in September that he was knighted.

The CDP was voted out of Parliament in October 2012, leaving Theron outside of the legislature for the first time. He was appointed by his successor in December to serve as Minister for the Environment. Contrary to expectations, this office did not gain significance, and ended up a very inconsequential office in which the former head of government retired from micronational politics.