Treaty of Freyan-Snilander Peace & Prosperity

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The Treaty of Freyan-Snilander Peace & Prosperity is a micronational treaty written originally by Vidhur and signed by Sniland and the Realm under Freya in 2013.

Terms of the Treaty

§ 1 - Terms of Peace

§ 1.1 - Sniland and Freya shall restrict themselves from participating in any conflict and placing embargoes, declaring war or de-recognizing the other nation.

§ 2 - Terms of Alliance

§ 2.1 Sniland and Freya shall begin diplomatic relations (and the construction of embassies)

§ 2.2 Sniland and Freya shall being Trade.

§ 2.3 If either nations should arise in any form of conflict, they shall have the support of the other participating nation.

§ 2.4 Sniland and Freya shall recognize all claims of each other's nations