Treaty of Mikrá Elláda

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The Treaty of Mikrá Elláda is a treaty signed between the Hellenistic Empire of Cimbrun and Second Republic of Ethosia proclaiming an end to the hostilities of the Ozark Conflict.


The first attempt at peace was the Treaty of Poinsett signed in April by the Cimbrunese, Nexans, and Ethosians. However, this would be short-lived, as allegations of various incidents would cause the Cimbrunese and Nexans to abrogate the treaty. Ethosia returned to the community in May and decided to sign the Treaty of Mikrá Elláda with Cimbrun on the 20th. It was signed the same day, and that night Royal Decree XIII was announced declaring a Triumph for the newly established Polis of Avrilía and ratifying the treaty. The Triumph was planned for May 27th, the same date as the Basileus' 20th birthday party, however, the party was never officially held and the Triumph would be delayed until June 9th, 2022 owing to the fall of the Nexan Republic.


The treaty ceded lands in Poinsett County, Arkansas to the Cimbrunese in return for respect of Ethosian claims in Missouri, renunciation of the title of King of the Ethosians, which Ethosia saw as unnecessary and encroaching on their sovereignty, and respect of Ethosian neutrality. Following ratification, Ethosia agreed to cede the lands, which then became the Polis of Avrilía and to engage in non-aggression principles with Cimbrun and its vassal, the Multnomah People's Commune, as well as any other vassals Cimbrun may gain or create, and Cimbrun agreed to recognize Ethosian armed neutrality.


The treaty was signed by Basileus Alexandros I Irikladis of Cimbrun and Gabriel Sebastian, president of Ethosia. There were no witnesses to the treaty.

Official Treaty

Digital copy of the Treaty of Mikra Ellada