Tsardom of Ambestan

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Tsardom of Ambestan
Flag of Ambestan
Motto: "We shall rise from the ashes!"
Anthem: Long live the Tsar!
Official languagesAmbestani language, Latvian
Recognised national languagesRussian
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Tsar
Tsar Kristofers I
Independence Declared from Latvia
• Republic declared
November 26, 2018
• Total
2 km2 (0.77 sq mi)
• Water (%)
Time zoneUTC+2
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideright

The Tsardom of Ambestan, now the Republic of Ambestan was a small nation, that is not recognized by the UN, or other foreign entities, because of this, it is mostly described as a micronation.


Early history

Ambestan was formed on the 26th of November, 2018. Soon after this, Ambestan joined the community, and was doing alright in it, until allegations of the leader being underage forced the community to ban him from reddit, and several other platforms, with the nation, but mainly the leader getting hate for this. Because of this, not much is known after this event, and the nation remained isolated.

Almendrian era

At some point, during the isolation the leader met a man named Tizian, which lead a country named Almendria. Both nations allied, and became very close. During this time, Ambestan had been mainly communist and fascist, and had been in several alliences together with Almendria, until Ambestan left the allience with Almendria, and soon, became enemies with Almendria, because of this, Almendria forced Ambestan in several wars, and after this, Ambestan became a SR of Almendria, which it remained to be for a very long period of time.

Modern era

During the time that Ambestan was a SR of Almendria, it managed to break away from the nation, and become independent, forcing it into several wars. After gaining independence, it became allies with the Nexan republic, and in 2021, it became allies with several new micronations like Personia. During the summer of 2021, Tizian had came back to Discord, forcing Ambestan into war again, during this time, Wolfboy came back, and Ambestan had many wars, forcing Kristofer to leave, and come back. This became common, until the end of 2021, when Kristofers came back, and leads the nation today.