Umimi Habara

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Umimi Habara
羽原海美 (Japanese)
Governor-General of Heartland City
Assumed office
January 5, 2021
IncumbentFebruary 24, 2022 - Currently
Preceded byEstablished Office
Succeeded byKozuki Anna  Japan (in the near future)
Personal details
Umimi Habara

May 9, 2001 (2001-05-09) (age 22)
Heartland City, Tokyo,  Japan
Political partyUnited Citizens Party
ResidencesCrystal palace, Heartland City, Mondstadt

Umimi Habara is the Incumbent Governor-General of Heartland City. Her Japanese name "Umimi" means "Ocean Beauty" while her surname "Habara" means "Field of Feathers". She is a very diligent person, in every meeting she is always the first to arrive She is also the last to finish work, while on duty she works very hard and never gets tired. Umimi Habara hates awards for freedom and human rights, she thinks: the founder of that award is an unusual person, we Mondstadt never organize awards or accept them as a legitimate award, I think after receiving the award a lot of people talk about the politics of their country, the coup d'etat, the restoration of order and democracy and human rights, but I think if we know how to recognize I think this award will be disbanded sooner or later.

She added: Usually that prize pool is around $20,000 to $30,000 and other prizes up to hundreds of thousands of dollars are normal.

This is also the premise for her to join the United Citizens Party, a neutral, undemocratic, non-liberal party that denies authoritarianism.

If in the movie Umimi Habara only focuses on the competition and love aspects, in real life she is a person who focuses on work, she loves it so much that she spends an hour just to finish a job.

In the movie Umimi Habara is said to be absorbed by the vector and infected with a source of power from the Barian world, but in real life things do not happen like that, because Heartland and Barian cities are two separate independent entities.

In addition to her main job as Governor of Heartland City, Umimi Habara is currently teaching at a prestigious school in Heartland City.

In the movie she is married to Mayday Walker but in real life she is a Single

Umimi Habara's date of birth is not revealed in the film, but in real life on the register for her regency position, her birth year is 2001.