Union of Red Aenderese Republic (Xuan Phuc)

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Union of Red Aenderese Republics
Xuan Phuc
Motto: Better than the mess we left
Anthem: The Communists Gave us Spring (Đảng Đã cho ta một mùa xuân)
and largest city
New Hanoi
Official languagesEnglish, Vietnamese
GovernmentRepresentative democracy
• President
Chau Khang
• First Vice
William Efton
LegislatureNew Hanoi Politiburo
Establishment25 December 2018
• Census
Time zoneUTC+07:00 (Indochina Time)

The Union of Red Aenderese Republics, also known as Xuan Phuc, was a micronation formed by Chau Khang after the state of New Hanoi seceded from the Aenderese Republic due to the state of drama in the country at the time. The country is a semi-socialist state where all citizens are required to have a job to support the country.


Withdrawal from Aenderia

In December 2018, due to the state of drama and political issues in Aenderia at the time, William Efton and Chau Khang decided to withdraw their territories from Aenderia (Arpet and New Hanoi respectively) and form the new Democratic Republic of Hanoi. William Efton stated that he needed a break and to be able to start over again in another place, while Aenderia had collapsed internally due to a political struggle headed by Nick Randouler and Jay Clover.


Stance toward other Nations

The Democratic Republic of New Hanoi and Arpet, unlike its predecessor Aenderia, established relations with Auvenum in order to acheive a better peaceful country.

Administritive Divisions:

Regions -

Head Regions -

  • Arpet
  • New Hanoi