United Micronations (UM) (2021)

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United Micronations (UM)
HeadquartersDaamir, Olov
TypeIntermicronational organisation
Membership12 (13) states
• Secretary General
Saleh H.
• Deputy Secretary-General
EstablishmentNovember 25, 2021

United Micronations (UM) is an intermicronational organization which was estabished in November 25, 2021. The UM could solve micronational problems, such as micronational conflicts.

The goal of UM is to promote diplomatic relations between micronations in peace and common existence. They are attempting to unite the micronations under a fair system to protect humanity and defending the defenseless. They also handle defined rules for recognizing micronations and determine developing and developed nations.

Member States

Founding Member

Member States

Non-member Observer State