Whitebird Bank

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Whitebird Bank
Traded asXWB
Founded16 June 2022
FounderCalvin White and A. F. Bird
Number of locations
Area served
Global, but primarily countries in the ALIM
ServicesInvestment and retail banking
OwnerCalvin White and A. F. Bird

Whitebird Bank is a private Bepistani bank holding company specializing in banking and savings accounts, headquartered in White Island, Bepistan with operations primarily in Bepistan. The bank was founded by Calvin White and A. F. Bird on 16 June 2022 as a possible solution to the micronational currency problem.

The bank's main interface is operated through a Discord bot. The bot is designed to allow authorized leaders of micronations who authorize Whitebird Bank to create accounts and print money into circulation. Citizens of micronations in which Whitebird Bank operates in are allowed to open their own accounts.

Taxes and fees

There is no creation fee for accounts, but there are transfer fees and tax rates vary among micronations. The current transfer fee according to Whitebird Bank is 3%. The tax rate on intranational transfers varies among micronations, while the tax rate for international transfers depends on the tax rate of the receiving party's micronation.


Micronation Since Tax rate
 Bepistan 16 June 2022 2%
 Canvia 16 June 2022

Loan Services

Currently, Whitebird Bank does not offer loan services.