Wohlstander Staatsheer

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Wohlstander Staatsheer
Active(October 21st, 2020 - Present)
CountryWohlstand Vereinigung
RoleDefense of the nation
Weapons.22 Calibre Arms
EngagementsTungsten-MACP War
King of VätersflachlandConnor Shaw
King of GefallenebäumeHunt Powell

The Wohlstander Staatsheer is the official state army of Wohlstand Vereinigung. The Staatsheer was established for the needs to be used in the Tungsten-MACP War, aswell in order to defend Wohlstand as a nation. The Wohlstand Staatsheer is made up of 6 Active Duty Personnel, alongside the possibility of recruiting extra manpower as Mercenaries from other nearby nations.