Keyboard Calvinist

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Keyboard Calvinist
Third President of the Reformed People's Republic
Assumed office
October 18, 2022
Preceded byAaron de Witt
Personal details
Political party SGP
Military service
Allegiance Reformed People's Republic
Years of service
  • 2021-2022
  • 2022-present
Battles/warsReformed People's Republic - Eva Braun Empire War // Eighth Eponian - Pochehovan War

Keyboard Calvinist (Not real name because of privacy reasons) (Born somewhere in 1995) is the founder and current president of the Reformed People's Republic. After an earlier term from 2021 to 2022, he was succeeded by Prime Minister Aaron de Witt before returning as president.

Keyboard Calvinist is a strictly religious and orthodox Calvinist. He is a fanatic follower of John Calvin, the founder of Calvinism, seen by Keyboard Calvinist as the only true religion. Because of his leadership style, the Reformed People's Republic is also compared with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Early life

Keyboard Calvinist was born in 1995 as the eldest son in a family of 5. In his youth he had little interest in religion, but still went to church every week. Keyboard Calvinist believed in God, but apart from attending church services and compulsory learning of genevan psalters at primary school, he did not practice his faith. Until, at the age of 16, he gradually returned to the path of practicing his Calvinist faith. From the age of 16 to 25, Keyboard Calvinist was what he calls a "modern Calvinist". He mainly listened to Christian pop music, preferred to go to church services when he knew that a young, modern preacher was coming to preach and had little interest in traditional Calvinism himself. When, at the age of 26, he started studying traditional and orthodox Calvinism, and began to delve more deeply into the life and work of John Calvin, he gradually began to exchange modern Calvinism for traditional and orthodox Calvinism. Nowadays Keyboard Calvinist turns his back on the modern side of Calvinism and is only interested in Calvinism as it was during the time of the Reformation. He also tries to slowly lead his girlfriend, whom he converted from pentecostalism to Calvinism, to orthodox Calvinism, and with success.

Micronational career

Keyboard Calvinist discovered micronationalism when he was 19 years old. He found the concept of his own country very interesting but saw no further use for it. Finally he gave it a chance and declared his small apartment its own country. After 4 different micronational projects, he decided to found a new country. He decided that this new country should become a Calvinist variant of North Korea. This protect was a success in his eyes and, according to Keyboard Calvinist, is one of the best projects of his life. Since 2023, Keyboard Calvinist's project of the Reformed People's Republic has gradually changed from a Calvinist variant of North Korea to a Calvinist variant of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. According to Keyboard Calvinist, there is no real reason for this and he only did this because he finds the current state of Afghanistan interesting because no one knows what the future of the country looks like.


Other religions


Keyboard Calvinist is a fierce opponent of roman catholicism. According to Keyboard Calvinist, there is a good reason why the Reformation took place but roman catholics refuse to accept this reason. Nevertheless, he tries to remain polite to roman catholics and tries to respect their faith, provided they also respect Calvinism.


Keyboard Calvinist recognizes arminianism as one of the greatest threats to Calvinism. According to Keyboard Calvinist, arminianism is the greatest heresy within protestant Christianity because of the arminian theology that rejects the concept of predestination and the arminians who oppose the Canons of Dort. According to Keyboard Calvinist, it is a shame for a Calvinist to convert to arminianism, as it is "an even greater betrayal to the great reformer John Calvin than converting to roman catholicism". Keyboard Calvinist also does not recognize the arminians as his brothers and recognizes them as false Christians.


Keyboard Calvinist has mixed opinions about islam. He admires the islamic way of worship, prayers, the interiors of mosques and the inner peace that islam can provide. On the other hand, he thinks it is a shame that a religion like islam is regularly abused to justify violence against non-muslims. Keyboard Calvinist himself recognizes shiism as the correct form of islam, despite the complete lack of islam being the true religion. Although he recognizes shiism as the correct form of islam, he also has great respect for peaceful sunni muslims. He has no respect at all for muslim youth who only cause problems, since in most cases they are also disrespectful to non-muslims, especially in the Western world, where they are over-represented in crime.


Keyboard Calvinist further has respect for hinduism. He sees this religion as a religion in which many different ways of worship are possible and in which many movements according to hinduism lead to the truth. Keyboard Calvinist often states that hinduism would be his first choice if he were to convert to a non-Christian religion, but that this seems very unlikely as Calvinism is for him the only true religion.


Keyboard Calvinist is also a fierce opponent of mormonism. According to him, this is a religion that has nothing to do with Biblical Christianity and comes closer to a polytheistic cult than the true religion. Keyboard Calvinist, however, admires the beautiful architecture of the mormon temples, but still tries to stay far away from mormonism so as not to be blinded by the "false and fake beauty of this cult".


Within Christianity, Keyboard Calvinist has great admiration for the new apostolic faith. He is very complimentary of this church and its liturgy. Keyboard Calvinist hopes to one day be able to reform the new apostolic church in the name of Calvinism, and to open a new apostolic church that will be part of the Reformed tradition.

Western world

Keyboard Calvinist is himself an opponent of the Western world. He believes that the Western world is run by the United States, whose sole purpose is to spread imperialism in order to rule the world. Keyboard Calvinist also sees the US as his least favorite country and also recognizes the country as the true axis of evil. Keyboard Calvinist is therefore more sympathetic to the countries that see the West as their enemy, such as North Korea, Russia, China, Afghanistan, [[w:Iran|Iran, Venezuela and other countries who see the United States in particulair as their enemy. Keyboard Calvinist also pursues a hard anti-West policy within the Reformed People's Republic. He says that the Reformed People's Republic is located in Western Europe, but that his micronation declares absolutely no solidarity with Western countries.


"Calvinism is the greatest treaure our country possesses. Without our faith there is no Reformed People's Republic. We will do everything we can to protect out faith and keep it from the treaths of the heretics, infidels and the lying Western media"

"God is like oxygen. You can't see Him, but you also can't live without Him"

"If the great reformer John Calvin (May Adonai bless him) could reform the roman catholic church, then what is stopping me, as his follower to reform the new apostolic church in the name of Calvinism?"

"People rely on the emergency services when they are in trouble. Why, then, should we not rely on God to help us in times of need?"

"Even if Calvinism died out, and there was no follower left but myself, I would still continue to follow it. Rather the last Calvinist on earth than a life without Calvinism"

"Sometimes it's just better to leave certain people behind and continue your life without them. Wether it's friends or family, you can easily move on without them"

"The only way to understand Calvinism is by studying our faith and reading the Bible"

"The United States must make a choice. Either they stop trying to spread their influence to other countries in the world and thereby keep the peace, or they continue with this malicious goal and risk the possibility of escalation with other countries"

"The positive view of fascism is only in the minds of the wicked. The negative view of fascism is in the minds of the virtuous"

"The Protestant Reformation was not meant to create a brand new church or to start all over again from step one. It was meant to return to the original source of our faith, the Holy Bible"

"It is better for a Calvinist to stay away from non-Calvinist church services. It is no problem to visit non-Calvinist churches if these churches do not have service, but if a Calvinist attends a roman catholic mass, a salvation army service or attends a temple service in a mormon church, he becomes theologically confused and may turn his back on Calvinism because he is blinded by the false theology he has heard in a non-Calvinist church. But if he is wise and chooses to avoid these heretical church services, then he will continue to follow the truth and continue to walk on the path of Calvinism"