People's Republic of Yungtaria

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People's Republic of Yungtaria (eng)
Jungtarijos liaudies respublika (lt)
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish (official), Lithuanian (de facto, unofficial)
GovernmentPeople's Republic
• President
Establishment27 August 2016
• Census
Time zoneEastern European Time Zone UTC+2, Eastern European Summer Time UTC+3

Yungtaria, officialy the People's Republic of Yungtaria (Lithuanian: Jungtarijos liaudies respublika), was a micronation located in Lithuania. It depended on a small island.



From ~2,000 BC up to ~14th century the land where Yungtaria is now belonged to the Semmigalian tribe. From ~14th century up to 1795 it belonged to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. From 1795 up to 1918 the land belonged to the Russian Empire. On 16 February 1918, Lithuania declared independence and the land belonged to Lithuania again. In the year 1940 the land was occupied by the Soviet Union, and in 1941 by Nazi Germany. In 1944, the Soviet Union occupied this land for the second time. The second occupation lasted until 1990, when Lithuania restored its independence.

Independence of Yungtaria

27 August 2016, 10:30 was declared Yungtaria's time and date of independence and its website was built shortly afterward. Below is the Declaration of Independence:

Rebel declares that: from this day Yungtaria is a sovereign micronation. Yungtaria is an independent monarchy and its king is Tomas I. Monarchy depends on a small grove in macronational Lithuania territory. On this day, it is no longer a Lithuania territory. Full name of the new micronation is United Kingdom of Yungtaria.


2016 September 5 revolution occurred in the Yungtaria. That day the Yungtaria was declared the People's Republic.


2016 Novermber 28th was the revival of Yungtaria. That day president refused right to Yungtarian grove and hill. Neverthless he declared, that to Yungtaria belongs a small island which is in the macronational Lithuania territory, in the Mūša river.


On 7 February 2017, the President of Yungtaria declared that Yungtaria has collapsed.

Foreign relations

  •  Karnia-Ruthenia - mutual recognition, diplomatic relations, since 30 August 2016