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The Glorious Taradiddly Empire of Zooxaloo
Zooxaloo flag low res.png
Motto: Optimus Reprehendo Summae (Best check the tyres)
Official languagesNo official language, however most citizens use English
GovernmentEmpire led by Awesome Emperor Steve the Phenomenal Ultimate Emperor for life (de jure)
Benevolent Dictatorship (de facto)
Establishment5 July 2020
• Census
18 humans. A giraffe has been adopted
CurrencyThe Big Z. Pegged to the price of pastizzi - a snack from Malta. Currently 1BZ = 0.4€
Time zoneGMT + 69 minutes (Zooxaloon Standard Time)

The Empire of Zooxaloo, also known as the Glorious Taradiddly Empire of Zooxaloo, is a micronation that lays claim to a 2005 Nissan Micra and a rock. The nation is ruled by Emperor Steve, leader and ultimate authority in Zooxaloo.


Early History of Zooxaloo

The micronation was created when Emperor Steve found a decorative replica sword on the wall of a house he purchased in Malta with Queen Kat in 2011. In jest, Steve demanded that Queen Kat anoint him with the sword. Queen Kat agreed, and the Empire was born. However as time went by, the idea of Zooxaloo started to become more tangible. The first land claim was the house in which Emperor Steve lived. The empire then fell into a state of inactivity when Steve moved house.

Reformation, Constitutional Crises

In 2020, after watching a documentary about micronations, Emperor Steve decided to reignite the empire. The original land claim of the house did no longer exist, as it had been sold. However, the Emperor, now in the UK, did own a Nissan Micra, and a rock (known as the Rock Hard) and decided that these would be the new claims.

It was whilst putting together the Zooxaloo website that the first constitutional crisis occurred. The official name of the national day on the 25th of June was Brilliant Day because it is the day after the Emperor's birthday. However, the name was changed to Hangover day. Changing this would involve a constitutional amendment.

Environmental Programme

As a nation based in a car, Zooxaloo does not have any outdoors space to speak of. However as part of the nation's environmental drive, a giraffe was adopted in Namibia by the Emperor in early 2021