2022 Baustralian royal arms referendum

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2022 Baustralian royal arms referendum
General information
Location Baustralia
Date9–12 September 2022 (2022-09-09 – 2022-09-12)
OutcomeCounty arms changed. Royal arms unchanged.
Valid votes36
Invalid votes6
Total votes42

On 9 September 2022, planning for a referendum on the royal arms of Baustralia were started by Aidan McGrath, the First Secretary of State and Secretary of State for the Interior. Authorization of the referendum by an Act of Parliament was granted in the evening of 11 September, and at 10 PM EDT, the referendum was opened. The referendum closed at 10 PM EDT the day after, and an Act of Parliament authorized the changes made in the referendum.

The questions of the referendum, as laid out in the National Symbols (Referendum) Act, were to keep or adopt a new design of the Royal Arms of this Realm, to keep or adopt a new design of the Arms of the County of Landspotter, to adopt a design for the Arms of the County of Newport, to adopt a design for the Arms of the County of Dynexistan, and to adopt a design for the Arms of the County of Vienna.

All arms were changed except the Royal Arms which was split. As it didn't get a majority, it failed. The county arms were all changed immediately in the second Act of Parliament which was granted royal assent a minute past midnight. After the failure of the royal arms, McGrath resigned, dissolved the Communist Party of Baustralia and rescinded his citizenship.


Royal arms Landspotter Newport Dynexistan Vienna
Crest Upon a royal helm crowned royal, a lion passant guardant crowned royal. A mural crown. A mural crown. A mural crown. A mural crown.
Escutcheon Quarterly, the arms of the counties of Holderton,[a] Landspotter, Newport, and for the county of Mild Pond, Azure a luce haurient Argent and a bordure Argent,[b] overall an inescutcheon, in Canadian pale Azure and Argent a Baustralian fish naiant tranchant Azure. Tierced per fess Gules Argent and Azure, two men jousting, the dexter man bearing the standard of the Royal Family of Canada and a coronet of a United Empire Loyalist, the sinister man bearing the flag of Baustralia and crowned royally, in chief three maple leaves Or, in base three cloverleafs Vert. Or, on a fess wavy Azure a lion passant contourné armed and langued Azure, in chief two fleurs-de-lys Azure, and in base two inverted fleurs-de-lys Azure. Azure on a bend Argent, a maple leaf Vert, a mullet of eight rays Or fimbriated Gules, and a mullet of five rays Gules. Parted by a bend wavy Gules fimbriated Argent, Tenné and Azure, in sinister chief an inescutcheon of the House of Parker, in dexter base a mound vert with a stream and tree Proper.
Supporters Dexter, a stag. Sinister, a bear gorged with a circlet Gules bearing the shield of the House of Caravaggio.
Compartment Per pale, dexter a mount vert, sinister a limestone rock.
Motto Dieu et mon droit


  1. Quarterly, the arms of the House of Timpson (Per bend sinister Purpure and Or a lion rampant counterchanged.) and the House of Caravaggio (Quarterly, Gules and Argent).
  2. The arms of Mild Pond have a luce naiant reversé, where the fish swims to the left, not up as rendered in the national arms.