2022 Ceticilian presidential election

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Ceticilian Presidential election, 2022

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100% (17/17)
(of registered voters)
9 votes needed to win
Nominee Jean-Luc Demièn Calistre Jordan Lord
Party Democratic Socialist Party of Ceticilia Geolibertarian Party of Ceticilia
Electoral vote 11 5

President before election

Taylor Mia Torres

Elected President

Jean-Luc Demièn Caliastre


The Ceticilian Presidential election, 2022 took place alongside the 2022 Ceticilian parliamentary election and was a regularly schedule election for the position of the President of Ceticilia. Of note are the withdrawal of the candidacy of Taylor Mia Torres not long before the election. This is the first election in Ceticilian history in which no women were up for election.

Electoral system

The electoral system for this election was first past the post.

Results and Aftermath

Jean-Luc Demièn Caliastre beat Jordan Lord easily