2nd Ocean States-Latalle War

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2nd Ocean States-Latalle War
Part of Greater Aleunnic War

Photograph of the ROS flag hung on a sign in Latalle territory.
Date17 April 2021 - 24 April 2021
Rhode Island
Result Anti-Latalle Victory

Ocean States Reunited Ocean States
Empire of Vulhalin

Aleunnic Workers' Republic
Ausveria Ausveria
Latalle Monarchy
Commanders and leaders
Ocean States Jaime P. III
Faltree Hunt Powell
Vulhalin Jacob Vancapelle
Marcus Izzo

The 2nd Ocean States-Latalle War was a conflict being waged between Reunited Ocean States and its allies against the Latalle Monarchy. The war began due to disagreements between Latalle and the federal government of Reunited Ocean States over COVID-19 restrictions. It was the second war between Reunited Ocean States, its predecessor being the Ocean States-Latalle War. It is also considered a theater of the Greater Aleunnic War.


Initial tension began when the governor of Latalle, Marcus Izzo got into an argument with the leader of Reunited Ocean States regarding civilian travel restrictions. Latalle wanted to bypass these restrictions as they believed it was authoritarian and overbearing from the federal government. After further arguing, Latalle declared independence from Ocean States and re-established the monarchy. Later that same day Faltree and the Empire of Vulhalin declared war on the Latalle Monarchy in support of Reunited Ocean States.

Invasion of Latalle

On 23 April 2021, at 11:30 AM EST, a joint ROS-Faltree invasion of Latalle was launched from the capital of Reunited Ocean States. The invasion force invaded the Latalle Monarchy from the north, moving west until reaching a flooded area. Soldiers then proceeded east and then south, having to navigate around the flooded areas of Latalle. It was a wet season during the invasion, causing most of Latalle to be swamped and flooded. The invasion force swept the entire perimeter of Latalle, encountering no resistance during the invasion. At about 1:05 PM EST, the invasion force retreated back to mainland Reunited Ocean States.

Surrender of Latalle

Latalle surrendered on the 24th of April, 2021. Marcus Izzo announced the surrender of Latalle over snapchat.