Elections in the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1

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Most Glorious People's Republic of A1

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A1 elections are guaranteed by the A1 Constitution and may come in a variety of different forms. The A1 Electoral Commission presides over all types of elections in A1.

General elections

General elections are held every year to decide which party shall hold power in the executive government. The exact dates of general elections are decided by the Chairman.

The frequency of elections was previously every 3–4 years, but this was changed by the People's Congress in December 2009 to elections every year.

The first A1 general election was held in August 2009.


Referenda may be held to change the A1 constitution.

A referendum may be called if a proposed bill is passed unanimously by the People's Congress to change the constitution. The bill is then proposed to all citizens registered to vote in each protectorate. If, in a majority of the protectorates a majority of the electors voting approve the proposed change, and if a majority of all the electors voting also approve the proposed law, then it is presented to the Chairman for their assent. However, the Chairman reserves the right to veto the law, in which case it fails. This power has never been used in the history of A1.

Emergency elections

Emergency elections may be held if a crisis meriting a declaration of a State of Emergency within A1 occurs.

In this case, emergency elections may be held to make changes or decisions to any matter in A1, hence speeding up the process from the original forms.

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