Accande Terrie Ornindo General Assembly

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The Accande Terrie Ornindo General Assembly, commonly referred to as ATOGA, serves as the principal legislative and policymaking body within the Accande Terrie Ornindo Organization. As one of the three key governing entities, alongside the Secretariat and the International Court, the ATO General Assembly plays a central role in shaping the organization's objectives and strategies. Notably, Enrique Christian Bustamante currently holds the position of President of the General Assembly, while Federico serves as the First. Set to convene for its eleventh session on August 25, 2023, the entire assembly is actively preparing to engage in crucial deliberations and decision-making processes.

General Assembly of the Accande Terrie Ornindo

Pangkalahatang Pagpupulong ng Akande Terrie Ornindo (Tagalog)

Đại hội đồng Accande Terrie Ornindo (Vietnamese)

アカンデテリーオーニンド総会 (Japanese)
6th Session of the General Assembly
Flag of the Accande Terrie Ornindo General Assembly
Seal of the ATO General Assembly
Term limits
1 Year
FoundedAround November 2020
President of the General Assembly
since Unknown
Vice President of the General Assembly
since Unknown
since Unknown
Seats 12
"Unitas est clavis ad Meliorem Futuram"
(Unity is the key to a Better Future)
Meeting place
Google Meet, Messenger and Zoom
2021 Charter

The Accande Terrie Ornindo General Assembly was established around November 2020, with Federico of the Union of Aksist Fidrecia States appointed as the First President of the General Assembly by the Accande Terrie Ornindo's First Secretary-General. During the early days of the Accande Terrie Ornindo, the Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General, and the rest of the representatives or members always drafted resolutions for the Assembly because there were no rules and procedures in place.



The List of the Delegations from the members of the Accande Terrie Ornindo in the General Assembly:

Countries in the General Assembly
Countries Delegations Positions
Balzi James Angelo Nones, Aethan Balungcas Corona and Carl Miguel Salgado Victa Two Representatives and Secretary-General
Bogderia Ivan Dhommirem Representative
Curimae Genesis John Corvera Martinez Representative
Hesminia Xiaen Panes Secretary of ATO Guinness Book of Record and Representative
Irandel Heart Angelo Condesa Deputy Secretary-General