Aequitas Pact

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Aequitas Pact
Flag of Aequitas Pact
Official languagesEnglish
Membership11 full members
1 observer
• Chair
Silas Wurnbash
• Vice Chair
Wyatt Baek
• Founded
10 June 2023

The Aequitas Pact is a micronational organization founded by Silas Wurnbash on 10 June 2023. Its stated goal is to develop micronational trade and cooperation amongst its member states, as well as being a general area for leaders of member states to converse. The organization has created a charter, a mutual currency (the Aequitasian Mark), a trade program, and many other projects.

The pact currently has eleven member states (Excelsior, Cotter Menaceland, Bryantia, Pontunia, Finnistan, Kodrolia, Golden Hill, Libertas, Akxcalonia, Juniperia, Gapla) and one observer state (Duck Island). Six of those states have adopted the Aequitasian Mark: Excelsior, Cotter Menaceland, Bryantia, Libertas, Akxcalonia, and Duck Island.


The parliament of the Aequitas Pact is its main legislative body.

Seats in parliament are assigned by population as well as micronational influence, but are not proportional. Micronations are either assigned 3, 2, or 1 seats in the Parliament of the Aequitas Pact

Nation Seats Delegates Monetary union
 Excelsior 3 Yes, user of the Aequitasian Mark
 Gapla 3 No, user of the Gapla Dollar
 Pontunia 3 No, user of the Pontunian Dukaten

Uses as secondary currency

 Bryantia 2 Yes, user of the Aequitasian Mark
 Cotter Menaceland 2 Yes, user of the Aequitasian Mark
 Finnistan 2 No, user of the Finnistani Crown
 Juniperia 1 No, user of the Juniperian Dollar

Uses as secondary currency

 Libertas 1 Yes, user of the Aequitasian Mark
Golden Hill 1
  • Laurel Bach
No, user of the Golden Lira
 Invictus[a] 1
  • Harold R.
Yes, user of the Aequitasian Mark
Kodrolia 1
  • Dante Winchester-Thanos
No, user of the Kodrolian Kodril
Akxcalonia 1
  • Brogan Adkins, Asst. Clerk
Yes, user of the Aequitasian Mark
Total seats 21


  1. Although not independent from Excelsior, Invictus represents itself as its own nation in the Aequitas Pact due to its autonomy.