Nicolas Caiazzo

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The Honorable
Nicolas Caiazzo

Chancellor of Excelsior
Assumed office
27 August 2020
President Silas Wurnbash
Predecessor Office established

Minority Leader of the National Congress of Georgienstine
Assumed office
29 July 2022 - 6 January 2023 20 June 2023 - Present
Minority Whip Emerson Lee

Connor Hetner

Predecessor Ben Olson

May Junkin

Leader of the Opposition of Gapla
Assumed office
29 March 2023
Legislative Speaker Renaldo Chang
Predecessor Mirabelle Wang

Chief Justice of Kapreburg
Assumed office
5 July 2023
King Jackson I
Personal information
Born April 2008
Manhattan, New York
Citizenship  United States
 Cotter Menaceland
Nationality American
Political party
Home town Brooklyn, New York
Occupation Student
Religion Agnostic
Military service
Allegiance National Military of Excelsior
Service/branch Air Force of Excelsior
In service 2021 – present
Rank Marshall of the Air Force

National Defense Advisor

Nicolas Caiazzo is an American micronationalist and student who has served as Chancellor of Excelsior since 2020. Caiazzo founded the Terra Excelsior Republic on 27 August 2020 along with Silas Wurnbash and was elected Chancellor of the on 28 August 2020s. Caiazzo has also held many other offices in multiple micronations, serving as the Minority Leader of Georgienstine, Leader of the Opposition of Gapla, Chief Justice of Kapreburg, and a Member of Parliament in multiple micronations. He has also participated in the establishment of multiple micronations, including Excelsior, Libertas, Cotter Menaceland. Caiazzo was re-elected Chancellor of Excelsior on 8 May 2022.

Caiazzo is most active within Excelsior, which he founded, and Georgienstine, which he entered in November 2021. Caiazzo serves as Minority Leader of the National Congress of Georgienstine and keads the Vision Georgienstine alliance and Left Bloc party. Caiazzo also serves as Attorney-General under President Raphaël Olivier. A close ally of Ben Olson, he gained influence as a new, leftist politician despite being new to the Georgienstinian political stage. Caiazzo was a candidate in the 2023 Georgienstinian presidential election. Caiazzo was also Ben Olson' running mate in the 2022 Georgienstinian presidential election as his nominee for Vice President on 12 April.

Awards and honors

Caiazzo holds multiple Excelsioran awards, including the Trimedal, the nation's highest honor.

of the Revolution of Excelsior
Medal of the Republic of Excelsior
Order of the Polar Cross
Cotter Menaceland
Founders' Medal
 West Who
Medal of Friendship
Order of Significant Contributions to Gapla
Order of the House of Baek
Order of Aware

Other Honors

Federated States of Gapla Baron of Gapla
Federated States of Gapla Medal of Pinious Greed (Unofficial, Gapla)
Barnland Viscount Caiazzo (Barnland)
Recipient of Prime Minister Farmer's Challenge Coin (Westarctica)