United States of Altania

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United States of Altania
Official language English
Capital Castlton City
Date founded 12 April 2009 ( reunification)
Number of citizens 75
Number of active citizens 20
Member States State of Castlton

State of Riveria

State of Mystania

Currency British Pound
Government Federal Republic
Current leader Daniel Hill

The United States of Altania (U.S.A or U.S) was founded on 12 April 2009 after the political reunion of the Republic of North Altania and the Kingdom of South Altania when David Black, the High Chancellor of North Altania at the time and now the Governor of the State of Castlton signed the Union Act with Daniel Hill, the King of South Altania at the time and now the President of the United States of Altanaia. It is noteworthy that the United States of Altania are in no way related to the Empire of Altannia Unita.

Federal government

The new central, republican Government is under the leadership of Daniel Hill, with the title of President of the United States of Altania (U.S.A). The State governments answer directly to the Federal Government, lead by President Hill, who will be the President for one year, until the Federal Elections, that will take place throughout the month of December. The candidate with the highest vote will take their seat as President and their running mate will take seat as Vice-President from 1 January for the year, until the next Election. The Federal Government consists of two representatives of each State. The two representatives will be the 'State Governor' and the 'Secretary of the State'. They will be elected to their place during 'State Elections' held during the time of the Federal Elections and citizens can only vote for candidates running in their state. A President can be taken out of office, if a 'Vote of no confidence' is called by members of the Federal Government, who will then vote for a leader until the next Federal Election. Each State has its own capital where the State Governor and Secretary of the State will govern from. The government will consist of groups of independent runners, and their will be no political parties governing. At the formation every citizen has to become a citizen of one state before being considered a citizen. David Black is now the first Governor of Castlton, with Paul Hartgraves as the Secretary of the State, until the 2009 December State Elections.

Civil war

After the vote of no confidence in Daniel Hill's leadership was called, David Black won the elections, but President Hill refused to stand down after the ultimatum to either stand down peacefully or be removed violently. President Hill stated he was the true leader of the people and fighting for Altanian Democracy. On 3 May 2009 David Black, formed the Altanian Red Army to fight off the nationalist, imperialist ruler, Daniel Hill. General Black and President Hill are preparing for battle and the new government that General Black formed, the Communist Party of Altania, the descendant of the Communist Party of North Altania which ruled the Republic of North Altania before the Unification.

State of Castlton

The State of Castlton is lead by its capital Castlton City, which is also the Unions capital city. The leader of Castlton is Governor David Black, with Paul Hartgraves as the Secretary of the State. President Hill also runs the Union from Castlton city with the Federal Government. The State of Castlton is the largest of the three states and is the most northerly state in the Union.

Castlton City

Castlton City is the Federal Capital of the United States of Altania and also the State Capital of the State of Castlton. The Governor of the State, David Black and the President of the Union, Daniel Hill are both seated here and administrate their power from separate districts within the city.

State Government

The State is controlled by the two Federal representatives, Governor Black and Secretary Hartgraves, who were appointed to the position after the signing of the Union Act. The next State Elections will occur in December 2009, when the people of the State of Castlton can vote for the Governor and Secretary.

Federal Government

The State capital, Castlton City also doubles as the Federal capital, where the Federal Government currently under the leadership of President Daniel Hill control the United States of Altania, making the State of Castlton the most important state in the union.

State of Riveria

The State of Riveria currently has no state capital or Governor or Secretary of the State and elections are soon to take place. The State is the central state (geographically), with Castlton to the North and Mystania to the South.

State of Mystania

The State of Mystania currently has no state capital, but Governor Hill, who is also President of the Union wishes to found a new settlement later in the future. Mystania is the smallest and southernmost state in the Union, with Riveria to the north on the other side of the River Alt.

Foreign relations

Empire of Northwood

Kingdom of Camuria

Ríocht na hUlaidh Thair Nhua

Socialist Republic of Murrayfield

Kingdom of Lunt Village

Kingdom of Praugsia

Republic of Kemp-Colville


Altania is a long strip of land running in-between the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and the Mersey rail Kirkby line. To the north is the M57 motorway and to the south is Wango Lane.


Before the Union Act was passed the Kingdom of South Altania was involved in the Camurian War, and now the Union will take South Altania's place in the war, in the same position.