Aristia Pionner La Monique, Princess Royal

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Aristia Pionner La Moniqueis an England immigrant, she is currently the heir apparent throne of the Kingdom of Castina formerly the Empire of Castina, she is the fourth sister of emperor Noriko Haruko, her grandfather is Emperor Mikang Rushana Castina, is also the 52nd former emperor of the Kingdom of Castina, and her younger brother is Crown Prince Ruveliss Kanaludin Shana Castina, Her father is Prince Keirean Kanaludin Shana Castina the 53rd former emperor of the Kingdom of Castina, Her younger sister is the Empress of Castina Jieun La Monique, She become the royal princess on Febuary 8, 2017, the day after aunt hers Ernia de Rass abdicated.

Aristia Pionner La Monique
Duchess of Sardinia - Princess Royal
Aristia's personal badge
Princess Royal of Castina
In positionFebuary 8, 2017 - Currently
PredecessorErnia de Rass
Heir apparent of Kingdom of Castina
In positionNovember 6, 2018 - Currently
PredecessorJieun La Monique
SuccessorRuveliss Kanaludin Shana Castina
BornApril 13, 2001 (2001-04-13) (age 22)
Isle of Mann,  United Kingdom
Aristia Pionner La Monique
FatherKeirean la Monique
MotherJeremia la Monique
ReligionChurch of England