Banana Uprising

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Banana uprising

Satirical Illustration of the battle in Microball style
Date27 October 2020
Result Won by the King of the Sprinske Communist Republic
 Sprinske Communist Republic Marxtown Rebels
Units involved
6 3

The Banana Uprising was a coup d’état that occurred on 27 October 2020 in the Sprinske Communist Republic. It was an attempt by King Zachary’s brother, Prince Gregor, the heir to the throne to seize power for himself. The uprising took place within the capital city of Corneria, and got it’s name due to the fact that Prince Gregor threw a banana at the king during the battle.


Build-up to the rising

A week prior to the Banana Uprising, the Prime Minister of the Sprinske Communist Republic and the General of the army began to suspect that the Prince of Marxtown was becoming disloyal to the nation. They never informed King Zachary about it, as it was just a suspicion they had, but it would turn out to be right.

Prince Gregor emassed a force of 2 supporters and began planning his coup to remove his brother from power and become the new king. There wasn’t really a strategy, his orders were to just take the palace and other key buildings such as the Red Colosseum and declare a new government.


Due to his limited forces, Prince Gregor couldn’t expand the fighting into other cities such as New Riga or Spritsnasque, so he had to focus on Corneria, which was the capital of the Sprinske Communist Republic. Due to recent clashes between the army and protesters at a demonstration in New Riga, many of the army protested against fighting this war, and many deserted, leaving only 4 soldiers, King Zachary, and Prime Minister Aaron. This gave Prince Gregor an even better chance to win.

The war started when Gregor and his two supporters went into the Red Colosseum and declared themselves as the true government of the nation, declaring war on the government. King Zachary responded by sending the army to get rid of the rebellion. The army arrived a few minutes later and the fighting began. About 3 minutes after the clashes started, the most infamous part of the uprising occurred, Prince Gregor came onto the battlefield and threw a banana at King Zachary. This part of the battle is often satirised, especially by Kolniari Microball, who created the image used in the infobox. The reason that the banana became the most remembered part of the battle is unknown, but it was popularised within the Sprinske Empire after the dissolution of the Sprinske Communist Republic.

Prince Gregor and his supporters took control of the Red Colosseum, causing the army to panic. At this point of the battle, Prime Minister Aaron realised that the Sprinske Communist Republic wouldn’t last for much longer even if the coup failed. He left the battlefield to meet with the General and the deserters after the first battle, and completely missed the second battle.

Battle for the Palace

Prince Gregor and his supporters already held the Red Colosseum, but they didn’t stay there for long, as they charged directly toward the palace and broke into it. Noticing this, the army turned around and surrounded the palace, it was here that they realised that the Prime Minister was gone when they surrounded the palace. Had the Prince of Marxtown took the battle outside, it’s believed that he could have won, after all, it was now 5 vs 3, and superior strategy could make that a victory. Instead, he ordered them to hold the palace.

For a while after that, the army kept trying to break the lines of their outnumbered opponents, and Prince Gregor’s supporters realised what he hadn’t; it was over. They surrendered to King Zachary, and left the palace. Without their protection, the army stormed the palace and also took back the Red Colosseum. After only hours of war, there was peace.

Effects of the Banana Uprising

Despite it’s failure, the Banana uprising led to the Sprinske Revolution just a few days later. It showed the strengths and weaknesses of the army, and for an insider of the nation, it would be much easier to rebel armed with that information. After the Cutlerygate Scandal, the Prime Minister resigned and started his own uprising. Most of the soldiers who deserted joined the Sprinske Revolution just days later, which managed to successfully overthrow the Sprinske Communist Republic, resulting in the creation of the Sprinske Empire on 30 October 2020, and the Imperial Republic of Donkrea on 31 October 2020, ending the Sprinske Communist Republic.