Battle of Phillip Island

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Battle of Phillip Island
Part of The Mole War[1]
DateApril 13, 2015
Result No result
Imperial Førvania Rebel Førvania Miscellaneous Australians
Commanders and leaders
Emperor Nicholai I of Førvania Alec Mole
3 2 ?
Casualties and losses
0 0 1 incapacitated temporarily
The Australian force was unorganised, and they were caught within the crossfire, at which point they began throwing sand at anyone and everyone.

The Battle of Phillip Island was a minor battle involving a mixture of Førvanians and Australians, fought at a beach on Phillip Island during a school camp. The battle was entirely impromptu and unofficial, but it did lead to two Førvanian citizens, including the then-Prime Minister, Alec Mole, having their citizenship revoked.

The Battle

On April 13, 2015, the population of Førvania went to a school camp on Phillip Island. At 5pm that afternoon, they left the campsite to go to a nearby beach. Emperor Nicholai was walking around the beach when Alec and his friend began throwing wet sand at him.

At this point, the Emperor supposedly 'declared war' on the two, even though this would be redundant. He enlisted the help of some of his classmates, and the next few minutes were spent with sand being thrown around everywhere. The battle concluded when an Australian lost her glasses after she was hit, and both sides stopped throwing sand.


No further action was taken on the battle during the camp. Alec was replaced as Prime Minister by Samuel Awesome, and the battle had no effect on wider matters.

  1. While this had no relationship with the later incidents of the Mole War, this was certainly a precursor to it.