Battle of Waddicar Hill

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No body was seriously harmed or killed during the battle

The Battle of Waddicar Hill
Conflict: Second Misthasian War
Date: 30 December 2008 - 31 December 2008
Place: Waddicar Hill, South Perisma
Outcome: Complete Camurian Victory and occupation of the Anzacian Empire
Royal Camurian Army, Royal Camurian Navy New Anzacian Army
King Ian the Great, Admiral O'Kane General Hurst
28 Foot soldiers, 2 G.P.R Rockets 11 Foot soldiers
1 5
Operation South Perisma

The Battle of Waddicar Hill was the last stand for the invading Anzacian Armies, upon their defeat by the Royal Camurian Army

The cause of Anzacia's fall

After King Daniel of Anzacia had been captured by the Royal Camurian Army, he had not given orders of who was the commander on the front if it should happen. On the front he had, General Hurst and General Goulding, who had been his advisors in the war, but after he was taken, General Hurst saw his chance and in the night he had General Goulding taken away as a prisoner. He took command of this rag-tag army and without issuing himself as new commander Queen Regent Megan, now in charge in Anzacia issued new commands to recapture King Daniel. He put the orders through and the men ran helter skelter into enemy fire. The unorginised army became disorientated and the army was split into smaller groups and surrendered and many falling back to take up positions at the HQ.

The Camurian Assault

On 31 December at about 5:08pm the Camurian Army moved to General Hurst's head quaters a Waddicar Hill. The first shots were fired by the Anzacian defenders at 7:28pm and by orders of the King, the 1st Battalion made a pinser movement, surrounding the entire Hill, firing upon them from all sides. Three hours later Camuria fired 2 of her G.P.R's (Gunpowder propelled Rockets) on the Hill to make them surrdender. At 11:30pm 8 men ran from Waddicar Hill to surrender and the Camurian's entered the gap. The Camurian's took the small hill and after 10 minutes General Hurst was captured and surrendered his authority.


Due to the chaos caused by General Hurst's actions, Camuria turned victorious before 2009 and King Daniel was forced to abdicate and sign an unconditional surrender of every Anzacian Armed soldier and its Empire.