Royal Camurian Navy

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Position Major Micronational Navy
Head Quarters Godricsun
Previous Conflicts Six
Current Conflicts None
Establishment 9 March 1968
Admiral of the Fleet Admiral Sir John O'Kane
Official Language English

The Royal Camurian Navy (commonly known as the Royal Navy) is one of the leading micronational Navy's and a leading branch of the Camurian Armed Forces. Admiral Sir John O'Kane is the current Admiral of the Fleet and member of the Defence Committee for the Royal Camurian Navy. The Royal Navy first appeared as part of the Royal Camurian Army, but after pressure from the Armed Forces King Frederick officially recognised the Navy as a separate organ of the Armed Forces.

The Navy is the main Armed Forced branch for proposed reforms in the National Democratic Party manifesto and the Conservative push towards reform has also given the Navy much more strength to travel and operate effectivly. The main Naval base is in Godricsun Bay, but due to shallow tides the main body of the fleet lies just at the entrance of the bay.

The Grand Fleet

All vessels in the Royal Navy are part of the Grand Fleet, and after a merger between the Royal Fleet and the original Grand Fleet the new fleet was reorganased and major military reforms could take place. The Grand Fleet is mainly based around Godricsun bay, where High Seas Command is based. During certain times of the year (around Camuria Day) at least one of the Navy's vessels are at the many outposts and areas of the Empire, as part of the Camuria Day celebrations. In the past few years this tradition has begun to die out and on occasions naval vessels will dock in claimed waters (e.g. areas of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal) that are claimed as part of the Kingdom of Althacia or the Misthasian Province's in order to progress national unity.