Cat Rebels

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This is a picture of Sam, a member of the Cat Rebels.

The Cat Rebels was a terrorist organization that operated in the former Duchy of Eden and the newly reformed Great States of O'Duighan from September 5, 2020, to October 10, 2020. The organization was led by Chibi, the self-proclaimed leader of the organization. The Cat Rebels used ambush and guerilla tactics to attempt to destroy the military of Eden and O'Duighan, and hopefully form a new nation run only by cats. Whilst they operated solely in Eden, they only ever controlled one region, the Basement Region, which was a district of the People's State of Basementia, a state of Eden and O'Duighan.

This is the picture of Chibi, the leader of the Cat Rebels.
This is a picture of Kira, a member of the Cat Rebels.

Cat Republic

MottoFor the Cats, we shall fight!
AnthemNo Anthem
Litter Box, Cat Republic
Capital city Litter Box
Largest city Litter Box
Official language(s) Meow
Official religion(s) Meowism
Short name Cat Republic
Demonym Cat, Cats
Government Republic
- Vice-President Sam
- President Chibi
Legislature Meow Ministry
Established September 5, 2020
Area claimed Unknown
Population 3 (October 10, 2020)
Currency Kitty Litter
Time zone (UTC)
National sport Pooping
National animal Cat
Patron saint Chibi