Chief Constable of New Melanesia

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Chief Constable of New Melanesia
Ministry of Defence
StyleMr/Madam Chief Constable (informal)
Member ofNew Melanesian Police Force
NominatorMinister of Defence
AppointerPresident of New Melanesia
Term lengthAt the President's Pleasure
Formation21 July 2022
DeputyDeputy Chief Constable

The Chief Constable of New Melanesia is the senior-most officer in the New Melanesian Police Force.


The Chief Constable is typically nominated by the Minister of Defence. Formally the Chief Constable is appointed by the President of New Melanesia. The Chief Constable serves at the president's pleasure.


As senior-most police officer, the chief constable has some specific duties to carry out.

The duties of the office include:

  • Appointing other Senior Officers
  • Overseeing Recruitment
  • Implementing Policy with the Aid of the Minister of Defence
  • Managing Police Officers
  • Overseeing Operational Deployments

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